Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gotta go

I didn't do much yesterday.
A bit of walking, checking out what changed in Koenji since last time and a bit of reading.
Allan worked, so i hung out at the shop too.

We have a day off today, but because i didn't sleep at all during the night (stupid 'lag) i slept a couple of hours too late this morning.
So, with that delay in mind, i better throw on some clothes and get out there!

View from our bedroom (it's like sleeping next to a freeway at night... a freeway with construction work)
Puppy outside the supermarket
Village Vanguard shopping: sweet potato KitKat, The Book of Matryoshka, a book with pictures from abandoned amusement parks, the new Spoon and Kimono Hime (the bag came free with a magazine i bought earlier in the day)


  1. i would have stolen that puppy! but sweet potato kit kat?!?! i cant imagine how that would taste hmm

  2. Jeg er SÅ misundelig! iiih nyd det nu det! her har det været frost i nat :)

  3. Abandoned amusement parks.... dét lyder som en fantastisk fed bog! :)

    (ja, det hele lyder jo fedt. Ville ønske jeg også var i Japan, når jeg læser dine blogs derfra)

  4. Holy molly smokes !!!!!!!!!
    IT'S AMAZING AMAZING !!!! Disaster embroidering rules !!! It's the best birthday gift in the history of birthday gifts since Zhorgon was given that magic elf wizard stick (until he started using it for evil, that is) !!!! Thank you so much Yellow Pants !!! It's awesome !!! However ... And I don't want to stir any controversial shit here, but ... If you look closely at how the arch is burning ... I mean ... It really looks like an inside job from here ! You know !? In the history of Arche de Triomphe disasters ... No Arche has ever burnt like this !! It's weird !! Very weird indeed ! I'll have to not look into that by fear of being called an anti-patriot !!

    Thank you so much YP !!!! I love it !!!!!!
    Ok come back now ... I'm here ... All alone !!!

  5. I'm glad Nick loved your present. It really was amazing!

    Og jeg elsker dine posts om free stuff fra Japan!

  6. Sweet potato Kit Kat! I'm going to call Japan and complain about the lack of great flavors we get here in DK.

  7. Sandra Valerie... aaand that's why i never leave my dog outside supermarkets!

    christel, puh, ad til frost. Her er det for varmt til at gå med jakke!

    Camille, der er sådan nogle vilde billeder i, der er åbenbart flere af den slags steder end jeg havde regnet med. jeg fandt en på nettet for et par år siden som jeg længe har drømt om at besøge, men det er nok ikke helt lovligt. Måske til næste år!

    ELECTRIC PICK, YAY! I'm so glad you like it! It took me forever, so don't expect a new controversial embroidered scenery next year, ok?

    Hella J, tak, jeg må hellere poste nogle billeder snart, så de andre børn også ved hvad vi snakker om.

    MinusAll, good plan, and while you have them on the phone, ask what they can do about the construction work on my street!