Friday, November 12, 2010

A day in Koenji

I'm happy you guys liked the last couple of posts.
I love blogging about tattoos and kittens, and i wish all posts could be about one of those things.
But we all know they can't, right?
So here's a dull, little post about the day before yesterday where the two recently injured Danes did... pretty much nothing, for a whole day.

A walk down the shopping street... a very, very slow walk in my case
Pinku zoo
My hiragana is so rusty, so i get so stoked whenever i read a word
At home, eating a sweet potato KitKat bar
Allan liked this ring, so i told him he should buy it for me (that's what passes for romance around here, and i'm totally fine with that)
We ate a 7/11 bento lunch by the station, but left when it got too windy
Later we picked up Inkrat minus Rei, and went to dinner at Planet 3rd

For the first time ever our internet is so good that we can even download stuff, so we're been watching our usual TV shows almost every night on the computer.
Last night we got back into Burn Notice, which is kind of a terrible show, but i like it anyway.
One of Allan's clients just recommended Vampire Diaries... have any of you seen that?
Is it any good?


  1. Wow, BIG burst of "home"sickness from that shot at the station! I used to live in Harajuku, so I guess it's the shorter buildings that are to blame :)

    Btw flashcards are great for your hiragana/katakana! Get blank cards and write them out yourself, then spend an hour and a half one night drilling with them and read every sign you see in the following days. It'll be down solid for years and years!

  2. Åh stakkels! Slow walk! Must be killing you med den fart du plejer at skyde! Dejligt at I har haft en fridag sammen, den ser hyggelig (og ikke spor kedelig!) ud!

  3. Vampire Diaries starts out good but I only watched like two episodes of the current season because it's so terrible.

  4. Oh yes, a much better bet for good tv right now is The Walking Dead, which just started two Sundays ago (and is pretty awesome so far).

  5. terrible tv that i love:

    gossip girl
    sons of anarchy

    good tv that i love:
    the league
    it's always sunny in philodelphia

    i want japanese candy.

  6. The ring is especially gorgeous... I always like so huge ring... Good find.

  7. Hmmm, I am watching vampire diaries, but is it a good quality show? It is mostly directed at 14-17 year olds, it is kinda like anyother highschool tv show, but this one happen to have vampires in it, vampires that can be out in the sun cause they have a stupid ring on, I enjoy it on my home alone days, but it is no Buffy the Vampire slayer. Hope that kinda answered your question.

    Love all your japan post!!!

  8. eggzakly, thanks for the tip, i use an iphone app for hiragana, but i'll be trying flashcards now for sure!
    And i LOVED The Walking Dead, can't wait for more episodes. Vampire Diaries just seemed like a fun way to kill time between good shows.

    Hella J, du kan tro Allan nød at slentre for en gangs skyld!

    Principessa, heh, maybe we'll stick to the first one then.

    alice, everyone is talking about it's always sunny. Maybe we should start watching that instead?
    What kinda candy you want? I could make a trip to the post office...

    mariemeier_art, thanks, i love it too!

    Missy Kick-A-Lot, totally did, thanks!!