Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wild animals

So, i finally finished my not-a-hat project and i got Allan to take some pictures for me.
Actually, the ones from the fancy camera didn't turn out super fancy at all, so i included a few close ups i took with my own camera.
They're all taken without the glass in the frame, cause that looked weird, but there is glass in it, in case you were wondering (which i'm sure you weren't, but now you know).

Anyway, it's been a while since i've made any diorama-type projects, the last one i made was this one, and stuff like this usually takes me forever to finish, so i'm happy it got done so fast.
And i'm kinda happy with the result too, i guess!
While the other diorama was a mix of handmade and found objects, this one is all handmade apart from the frame*, and the tree which is a customized version of a tree from a hobby shop.
It's mostly done with air drying hobby clay and acrylic paint, if anyone should be interested in those kinds of things.

Deep in the woods
The majestic Mister (or Mrs?) Fox
A tree with tiny pine cones
Something bad happened here...
Cheese moon

I was hoping to jump straight into some serious hat making as soon as this was done, but instead i started an embroidery project.
But since Allan took the final pictures we needed of my last collection on Sunday, i will be listing some hats on etsy as soon as i've finished editing the last of them.
So hopefully this weekend.
I'm excited, it's been too long!

*It's pretty tiny, maybe like 15 cm high... i should have just held it up for reference!


  1. wow! that is SO good! well done you! :)

  2. Det er da helt fantastisk lavet! Er det til salg?

  3. very nice, beautiful !!! :-)

  4. samboy, thanks:)

    Trine, jeg kom lidt til at give den til min mand, så det er lidt op til ham hvad der skal ske med den.
    Men jeg håber da ikke at hans første indskydelse vil være at sælge den!

    princess sputnik, Missy Kick-A-Lot, igl, thanks so much guys!!

  5. Frække ræv! Sidder der og ser helt uskyldig ud selvom vi alle sammen kan se hvad han har lavet!

    Den er super flot mouse!

  6. I really like that Alot! especially the tiny bones! :)