Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slow Sunday

It feels odd having a Sunday with nothing planned when i just had an action packed (not counting the one hour nap) Saturday, and yet, here i am.
The weather is gray and (i assume, as i haven't actually been outside yet, cold) so i won't be doing anything too outdoorsy, but i have to do something, as the weekend guilt is creeping up on me already.
The only things i can think of are cleaning the apartment (which i hate) and learning to thread my Serger (which i honestly just don't really wanna do).

I guess i could real a book or something?

I'm gonna think about this some more while posting these pictures from the grand fiasco called a flea market we attended yesterday.
It sounded so good; "The Royal Theater's prop and costume division is having a large sale".
And it was right by our usual market, so how could that be a bad thing?
I don't know, but it was.
We stood in line in the freezing cold for about 40 minutes, paid 20 kr. each to get in and inside was... junk. Nothing better than we could have found in a mid-sized charity shop in the suburbs, and since some of the things were props, it wasn't even real junk!
I thought i found some flowers for hats, but they were all plastic and gross.
Allan found some old bottles (cute, but not rare) and i found some very cheap, unused cigar boxes, but had i known this would be the catch of the day, there's no way Jean Luc would have ever left his cozy parking spot on Vesterbro.

After the fiasco market we went over to our regular flea market, but apparently everyone else had gotten the same idea.
The whole place was packed with this non-flea-marked-crowd and it was awful.
They were sitting in the furniture eating hot dogs, asking the vendors stupid questions, and, according to a guy we do business with regularly, stealing shit too!
Not cool.
We were out of there in about 10 minutes without having made a single purchase, a new record for us.

While Allan was holding our spot in line, me and Lucifer went out to explore the area
We found an abandoned ferry
This old... whatever you call this
A gloomy, but nice view, of Copenhagen
And an amazing light ship, that i would totally move into if i was a squatter who didn't mind the cold
I could have easily jumped over there to explore some more, but Lucifer was against that plan
The line when we returned... what a colossal waste of time

After a stop at Eckel's to move some stuff from his place to the shop, and the before mentioned nap, we met up with some friends for Japanese food, which is always nice, so at least the dinner part of our day was a success.
I actually have some concerns about our next trip to Japan, and the food i'm gonna eat while i'm there, but that's a topic for another post.

Have a lovely and productive Sunday y'all, or a lazy one, if that's what you're going for!


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  2. my sunday was a total write off. i slept all day..

    also, serger! exciting!!