Friday, October 29, 2010


I've had a good couple of days.
Both my doctor and hair appointments went well, and i haven't been stressing too much about our upcoming Japan trip.
I'd planned to use October to get in shape and study Japanese, but (to no ones surprise) i've only had time to really study once, and besides a few Pilates classes i haven't moved my ass any more than i normally do.*
Having the sale of the old apartment, and the shop kitchen situation, to deal with didn't leave us with much spare time, so i'm guessing Japan will be all nice and relaxing compared to our situation in Copenhagen at the moment.

I can't pack until the last minute, because it freaks out my sensitive dog, but the presents for people and things i need to bring for Rei and Hata are already taken care of, so all that's left is to buy rail-passes and mentally prepare for my two sessions at Yellow Blaze.
That last part is not going so well, by the way, but i'm sure i'll survive.

Yesterday i had two nice little moments. You know the ones that aren't really special or monumental, they just for some reason make you feel good?
The first one was while i was walking back to the shop from the printer-cartridge refill store with Lucifer, and we passed the cutest little mobile sound system.
A couple of dudes where walking with a bike loaded with a stereo and speakers, and in front of them, a girl was walking and singing into a mic connected to the setup on the bike.
As we passed each other she smiled at me.
The other was on the way home. I was riding my bike along the lakes in almost total darkness, when i spotted a small black cat sitting high up on a gatepost, looking down on people.
It was so dark and well camouflaged that i shouldn't have seen it, yet i did. I don't know why, but it made me feel great.

This morning i took pictures of my new haircut... it's still a nightmare to outgrow the undercut, but at least i look kinda Vulcan Romulan again!
Really short bangs in different forms have been my go-to haircut since i was about 17, and for some reason it still works
Last nights attempt at a healthy dinner: salad with avocado, tomatoes, feta cheese, basil and hard boiled egg

*It does not help that people keep bringing me cake, but that's another story.


  1. Hair looks cool! Good luck in Japan, i'm sure you'll do fine. :)

  2. MinusAll, i sure hope so!

    igl, Never give up... Never Surrender!