Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Excuses, excuses...

In spite of a pretty mellow Monday, this week is looking pretty packed.
In a good way, though.
It's a very odd feeling for me since i don't like planning ahead and rarely have any plans besides work (something i just recently found out i got from my mother) but maybe it'll be good for me.

First order of planned-ahead-business was a Pilates class i had booked before i knew i was getting tattooed.
It's so embarrassing, but i actually haven't been since that first class i went to almost exactly a year ago.*
I don't wanna make too many excuses, but we have been traveling a lot, from January till April we were very busy with the new shop, and for at least 4 months after my surgery in February, i wasn't able to turn my head very far to either side.
Hey, look at me, i am making excuses, but at least they're not super crappy ones, right?
Anyway, since i can now look to both sides, and the shop is almost done, it seemed like a good idea to get started again.
Seemed like it.
The class was today at 7.15 pm and my newly tattooed leg had been hurting all day.
And just the thought of being in a class with people was giving me anxiety.
But those weren't good excuses.
Not even Nick, the Supreme Master of Excuses, could give me a reason to bail, and so i went.
And it was fine, of course.
It was a lot harder than the intro, brutal at times even, but it also felt quite rewarding.
And there were only four of us in the class, so that helped with the antisocialness.
I have no idea how i'm gonna feel tomorrow, but since every part of my body already ache so bad i can barely lift a glass of water, i'm thinking it's not gonna be good.

Tomorrows plans include having a few special visitors at the shop, and at night we're going to a lecture with Martin.
That's all i'm gonna say about that for now, but i can reveal that we'll be making the Conspiracy name proud!
I also have dentist and doctors appointments this week, as well as flea market and dinner plans for the weekend.
Weird, but i do have a lot of stuff i need to get done before Japan, so maybe planning isn't the worst idea ever.

Today at work i dedicated most of my day to my secret not-a-hat project, since i was too busy to work on it yesterday.
It's really close to being done, and i think i can post a few teaser shots now, without revealing what it actually is.

Messy table, acrylics... and lunch
What i will return to tomorrow

*I love how that post says i'm gonna go once a week! Ha!


  1. ooh well whatever it is, it looks pretty!

    oh and I replied to your comment with a genius idea! :)

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  3. I just started doing the insanity workout.. its 60 days! we have done the fit test and the first two days of workouts so far.


    (plus another series called hip hop abs. lol!)

    It's been posted here on the interwebs so it has to happen now..

  4. What an insanity workout? Am i supposed to know about this?
    Whatever it is, 60 days is a long friggin time!!

  5. The insanity thingy sounds interesting :) I would love to know more about that as well....sounds pretty...well...insane! My BFF and I are starting the fitness thing as well, seems everyone is doing it.

    Looking forward to more about the "not a hat" project.