Thursday, October 7, 2010

The 300 mark

To those who still come by here on a regular basis: i am sorry i haven't been spending much quality time here lately.
I've been really caught up in improving the shop blog and making the new shop twitter account, and while it's been a little too time consuming at times, it does seem to have paid off already.
The stats show a pretty dramatic increase in visitors over the past few days, and although i haven't had that much client feedback yet, i think it's way more user friendly, so i'm pretty pleased.

And it's not like that much is going on with me anyway, not stuff you can blog about anyway.

I'm spending a lot of time just thinking, trying to plan and work shit out for myself.
I am working a lot, and if you look past the ongoing disaster that is the shop kitchen, i am so happy with the shop, and all that we've accomplished in a fairly short period of time.
And i am happy being surrounded by awesome people every day, it more than makes up for my lack of friends and a social life!
I am also preparing for Japan (mentally and practically), and i am trying to get my health under control (as always).
I am still in a creative slump, one that i'm hoping to snap out of soon, before my lack of an outlet drives me completely insane.
I'm even thinking of taking a brief hat making break just to work on something else, and get inspired again.
If i don't, i'm afraid you'll be seeing more projects like this one:

What started out as a promising new hat, ended up as a tabletop bin (i was able to save the more expensive materials without too much damage done)
Who's That Girl, taken late, late last night...
Something to be truly stoked about: hitting 300 followers*!
Thanks guys, that's about 270 more than i ever dared to hope for when i started this blog!

*I'm sure it's gonna say 298 when i check back tomorrow, that kind of shit always happens!


  1. Amalie,

    My friend (your friend!) Jess Youngsma sent me your way when I asked if she could recommend any of her gal pals who may want to be featured on my blog for Tattoo Tuesday! If you want to take a peek my blog is

    If you're interested, email me at

    Love to hear from you :)
    ...and nice to meet you!

  2. you are sooooo genuine and could everyone not just love you? Its a joy to read about your life, the tattoo shop, hat making, your grumpy ol grandpa, things you dig out of your basement, your parents beach side house, Lucifer and your man, your great sense of style, adventures in hairstyles and lots of other great things that we all love and brings us back daily to read about.

  3. Plus all of us anonymous-es would be like 500

  4. I love it when you go to Japan. I get excited FOR you!

    Does Lucifer ever think he's a little human? I spent time at my mom's this weekend and her little Dachshund always sits on her bottom, with her little T-Rex arms just poking out on top, like she's a funny little person. She does it so much! Just wondering; I've never really been around that kind of dog much, aside from Mom's, and was kind of curious.

  5. I just found your blog and adore it! Your hats are beautiful - well done! I look forward to following along and congrats on 300!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  6. Danielle, done!

    Tanya, your comments are always so nice they make me seem like an asshole. And i mean that in the best way!

    Missy Kick-A-Lot, i know, i totally guilt-tripped people into staying!

    Anonymous, true, gotta love the anonymous-es!

    Fawn and Flower, Lucifer *does* like to sit like a little person. I'll try to take a picture some day, it's hilarious!

    Jamie, thanks, i hope you'll stick around!

  7. its 301 now! :)

    I'm surprised you don't have more followers!

  8. Yeah, me too, but i think people generally find my awesomeness intimidating and prefer to admire me from a safe distance:)

  9. distance schmistance! your awesomeness is well, awesome and it makes me sad I only get to bask in it like once a year