Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's Wednesday.
It's fucking cold.
It's been a day of no-show clients, no heat in the apartment, and me almost fainting on my way to work.
The no-show wasn't really a surprise, and the heat will hopefully come back on soon, and the near-fainting? I guess this cold i picked up from Allan in London is a little more persistent than i thought.
Anyway, it was scary, but i'm totally fine.

Even though we'd already guessed today's client wouldn't be coming, she hadn't actually bothered to cancel her appointment, so we kinda had to be at the shop.
But it did give us a chance to do some practical stuff around the shop, and do some grocery and antique shopping too.
Sadly, the stuff i'd wanted to buy at the flea market we missed this Sunday was long gone, but in another shop i found something that totally made up for it.
And more importantly, because of this purchase, today will not be remembered as "the-day-i-almost-passed-out-while-riding-my-bike".
No, today shall be known as "the-day-i-bought-a-giant-ass-porcelain-dog"!

I don't know what happened, i just had to have this
Lucifer gets back from his country getaway tomorrow, i can't wait to see how he reacts to this

Oh, i was gonna blog about London too, but i'm still editing a few pictures (even though i hardly took any, at least compared to how many i usually take) but i'll have it up tonight or tomorrow.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend while i was away from the interwebs!


  1. Velkommen hjem, og tillykke med den fine hund! Der var lige et øjeblik da hvor jeg troede at du var hende der købte den kasse jeg fortrød jeg ikke fik i søndags. Da jeg kom derned idag (første åbningsdag siden søndag, næsen flad på ruden hver dag..) havde der lige været en og købe den. Merde! Gid der var Ravnsborggade loppe oftere end bare to gange om året.

  2. Too cute - is it a frenchie or a boston terrier? I am obsessed with both.

    Not that I'm a stalker lady but I saw you on Friday at the convention (my husband was hoping to get something by Allan) - your boots were gorgeous!

  3. ultimate boston terrier power! love it

  4. princess sputnik, totally!

    Classic Copenhagen, nope, det var ikke mig, alle mine ting var enten væk eller var på mystisk vi blevet dyrere... hmmm..
    Men ja, to gange om året er da alt for lidt!

    Victoria, i'm thinking Boston, that's what it looks like to me anyway!
    And thanks, i'm so glad i found those before London, i walked in them all weekend with no problems at all.
    Tell your boyfriend Allan is sorry he wasn't able to tattoo more this weekend.

    Vanessa, thanks for clearing that up, Boston it is!

  5. Oh, and by the way, Lucifer had no reaction to it whatsoever!

  6. haha I love him! He is majestic and magnificent :)