Sunday, September 12, 2010

Website surprise

You know how i was home sick all day yesterday?
Sure you do, since it would be very unlike me not to bitch about something like that.
So, yeah, i was home sick, and i was screwing around with the new template designer.
It was working fine, except for the fact that all of the code i had put in myself, suddenly didn't work anymore.
So i was searching for tips on where to put my favicon code among others, when i came across an ad for building your own website.
It's not like i haven't seen those before, but lately i have been thinking a lot about just doing the website myself, so i decided to sign up and play around with some ideas, and before i knew it, i basically had a website.
I almost finished it last night, and just a few minutes ago i pressed "publish" and now it's... out there.
Now, it's one of those free ones, so it's full of ads and i can't use my own domain unless i upgrade, but it's a start.
And i love seeing all (or most) of the hats i've made in a nice gallery together.
It's somehow completely different than having them scattered all over the blog!

Anyway, enough talk, go check it out and let me know what you think, but be kind, it is my first attempt!

Oh, and if you're one of the people who has this blog bookmarked as "" you will have to change that, because as of today that address will forward you to the new website.

(Pst, click the picture to go to the site)

Ps. I never did find any useful tips on favicons and dropdown menus.


  1. the website is fantastic! Just had a browse and I'm very impressed! you got interwebz skillzzzz!

    Haha! :)

  2. Thanks so much, i'm glad you like it!!!

  3. It looks radular.

    What problemos are you having with favicons? If you have access to the HTML of your website - I just create my favicon in photoshop (or whatever graphics program you use) and save the file as favicon.ico and then use the HTML for favicons in the header of the website's code.

    For dropdowns - I usually browse through and find something simple that I can maneuver through the coding to figure out how to tweek to my liking.

  4. Thanks for the advice!
    I solved the drop down issue, but the favicon still isn't working.
    I usually just use google and find a tutorial, but they're all from before blogger introduced the new template designer.
    And the new template erased all of my tweaks and hacks, and not my old code doesn't really fit in anywhere.
    I'll try the header thing though, and if it doesn't happen, it wasn't super important anyway!

  5. It looks really cool! I love the font you used.

  6. Så fin den side er jo! Boss! Tillykke!

  7. I think the new website looks great! Nice work.

  8. Betty, thanks, the font is Honey scrips and i think you can get it on dafont or freefonts.

    Marvin, taaaarrk, sødeste Maaaaarrv!

    Jessica Pulse, thanks, i'm actually pretty happy with it too!
    Or happy that it's there!

  9. Ja, superfin din nye side. Det skulle jeg jo have taget mig sammen og sagt med det samme. :-) God idé at have det hele samlet et sted. Jeg så også at du har værksted lige ved siden af hvor jeg bor, det forklarer jo hvorfor vi går og tager hinandens billeder, ha ha.