Friday, September 17, 2010

A treat for a bald head

The wigs i ordered for Carmen, my lovely mannequin, arrived this morning.
Both of them, even though i bought them from two different sellers on two separate dates.
But hey, i'm not complaining, who doesn't like super fast shipping and surprises in the mail?

This is what she normally looks like; trying to look classy and dignified while wearing an old, cheap ass white wig that i got in a costume shop years ago.

And this is, sadly what she looks like without it... it was all my fault...
Wig number one: beautiful, blond finger waves
Great for dark hats
Wig number two: light brown, and slightly longer, finger waves
Awesome for lighter hats
I had to try one, of course!
Allan laughed so hard when he saw this, so i guess i shouldn't go blond anytime soon!
But even if i did look silly, going back to this stupid mushroom head was still kinda disappointing
Oh, and i was so stoked on getting the wigs, that i promptly put up some nice hangers for them!

I haven't made any hats today, but i did finish Izumi's present, and i made a few other small presents as well.
I am hoping the next pillbox idea will just come to me, like the other ones did, but right now i'm blank.
Anyway, we have so much stuff to prepare for London that i probably won't have time to start anything new until after we come back, so i have lots of time to think.

Oh, and it's Friday, right?
Have a nice weekend, sweet followers!
And you too, lurkers!


  1. awww you look so funny in that wig! no matter how pretty wigs are, people always look funny in them! you should see me in the wig i have!!!! its so cute though, i think you SHOULD go blonde!

  2. LIKE!!!

    Og sej treat med aftenfix!

  3. Yay presents in the mail!

    Just have to love that. Beats bills any day!!