Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello rainbow

I have decided to go shopping this weekend.
I know that Japan isn't too far away now, and i hate shopping in this city, but i feel like buying new shoes for London is the only way i can get excited about going.
I hope once i'm there i'll be able to enjoy it, as i usually do, but right now going to a convention is just about the last thing i feel like doing.
Also, we're gonna miss the big flea market on Ravnsborggade.

Speaking of Ravnsborggade, me and Lucifer got caught in the rain there today, right when this lovely rainbow appeared
This hat has caused me quite a few headaches, but now it's done and i'm actually pleased with the result
I had a couple of other small projects going today, besides the hat, and one of them had instructions in Japanese... super helpful

I also finished a late birthday present for my friend Izumi, but i think she actually drops by here once in a while, and i don't wanna spoil the surprise.
Don't you hate that about blogging?


  1. Så var der mindst 3 idag! Jeg så to længere inde i byen, og den du fangede springer lige over mit hjem. Oh, og fantastisk hat! (jeg skal nok rapportere fra markedet)

  2. I'm starting Japanese classes in work :) We can chatter in Japanese! You'll have fun in London cos I think I should steal you away and we should go to a museum!

  3. wow! I feel the same way you do: Tomorrow i'm off to London for 3 months, I've had to stop working, leave my boyfriend behind and everything else... The good news about it? The billion pairs of shoes I'll bring with me back to Barcelona in december!!! :D
    I'll be in the tattoo convention, too... I'll keep my eyes open in case I see you (sure I won't say hello because you don't know me but it'll be fun if i saw you after so much time reading about your life...)

    Georgina! :D

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  5. Ahh morgenfix, du gør så godt i maven!

    Og nu, min japanese speaking friend, et lille spørgsmål; betyder umizoomi noget?

  6. ouw i want this hat! so cute :)

  7. ouw i want this hat! so cute :)

  8. Classic Copenhagen, ja, du må tage masser af billeder, så jeg rigtig kan se hvad jeg går glip af! Vent...

    samboy, how exciting!
    And yes, we should leave the convention, for a little while at least.

    Mosquito Head Madchen , please do come say hello if you see me! I'm terribly shy in person, but i'm always excited to meet readers in real life.

    Hella J, det er godt du er tilfreds!
    Og nej, i hvert fald ikke skrevet på den måde. Der er ikke noget dobbelt O på japansk.
    Men umi er et ord, og zumi er et ord, men ellers jeg ved sgu ikke lige hvad det du nævner skulle være...

    Anonymous, thank you!

  9. Så staver de det forkert. Altså ikke japanerne! Men hvad betyder så hhv umi og zumi?

  10. De fleste ord har en masse betydninger, umi betyder fx hav eller strand, men også en del andre ting, alt efter hvad det står sammen med. Zumi kan fx beryde at noget er ordnet.