Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cautiously optimistic

First, i gotta thank you all for your concern for my wellbeing, and all of your nice comments.
When you're feeling really, really down, there's just nothing nicer than people sending you nice, positive thoughts, you know?
So seriously, thanks.
And i also appreciated the feedback on the "too-personal-or-not-personal-enough issues", that i'm probably not the only one who has from time to time.
It's a balancing act, and i'm glad none of you seemed to think i was stepping over the line, sharing my health concerns (or "complaining about shit" as it is also called).

So, since none of you seem to mind the sharing, i want to let you know that i went to the doctor this morning for another exam, and while they couldn't fix me right there on the spot, as i had obviously hoped, they gave me a lot of good advice and a bunch of homework, in the form of exercises, that i have been doing all day.
I'm by no means 100% yet, but i haven't been a throbbing ball of pain all day either, so i'm hopeful, and i think my chances of at least feeling less crappy before London have improved drastically.

I even made it to the shop today.
I know it hasn't been that long, but i've been going a little crazy at home, and it was good to get out.
While i've been sick i've been updating Allan's portfolio, something that took more work than expected because our home printer tends to over-saturate everything and i had to photoshop each picture, so they didn't come out bright red.
Anyway, while i was doing that, i decided to make one for myself too.
It's been a few years since i had one, and putting together Allan's, and working on the website recently, made me want to do one for myself.
So i've been printing a bunch of pictures and putting them in a photo album i bought in Japan this April, and considering it only took a few hours, i think it's pretty cute.
I still don't think i'm gonna leave it out at the booth this weekend (i really hate playing the role of the imposing girlfriend) but now i at least have some examples of work with me, if someone should ask.
Don't laugh, it happens!

I did a really quick, and not very professional, photo-shoot at the shop today, just so i had some new stuff in there too

I'm not sure when i'll have time to blog again...
Hopefully tomorrow, but even though we don't have any merch this year, there's lots of stuff to pack, so i don't know for sure, and i can never remember the internet situation at the hotel.
Hopefully i'll at least be able to catch some wi-fi here and there, and update my Twitter!


  1. I say put your book out!! Publicity! Do it!!

  2. Yeah, i don't know if i'm ready to be *that* girls, although i know Allan won't mind.
    However, you know how i'm a huge germophobe, especially at conventions? This portfolio if fabric-covered, how the hell am i supposed to Trigene that? I'd have to boil it and then burn it! I think i'll just stick to showing it to anyone seeming interested... and clean.

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  4. sending you lots of "internet friend, who doesnt really know you but feels like she does and really adores all that you write" well wishes :) I hope you have a super fab time in England and feel better soon!!