Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another kind of mushroom

When i booked a hair appointment about three weeks ago i had no idea what to do about my hair.
And when i went down to the salon yesterday morning i was no wiser.
But me and the hairdresser did what we usually do, threw some ideas around, and eventually agreed on something.
The cut is definitely a compromise between what i actually wanted, and the reality of having an asymmetrical undercut growing out, but as far as temporary solutions go, i think it works pretty well.
I was planning on dyeing it a much darker brown this weekend, but i'm feeling sick (i actually left the shop before 8pm yesterday!), so i think i'm gonna wait until i start to feel better.

Half a kinoko cut
I always tell her to make me look more Star Trek-y, and i'm never quite sure if she knows what i mean

After i came home from the salon i needed to change for work.
My clothes had gotten wet in the rain, but they also looked wrong with the new cut.
So i looked though my inspirational book (which is basically just pages cut out of Japanese fashion magazines) and found the inspiration i needed in a Ray Beams spread from back in April.

Kind of an equestrian country boy-ish maritime look!
(Customized blazer: H&M, Shirt: Japan: Sweater vest: Vintage found in trash, Trousers: Lowry's Farm, Socks: Japan, Rubber boots: Bilka)

It was still raining, so i had to wear my cheap Hunter copies, but i found that wearing my rain boots with argyle socks and pretending they're riding boots, makes going out in the rain a little less boring.



  2. pointed ears should be fit to your haircut ! ;-)

  3. I like the new doo... it is actually very trekkie!

  4. Uncle Allan, snart er det langt nok til en full on mushroom!!

    igl, i know, i really need to get me some!

    Alex, right? And who doesn't wanna look like a majestic vulcan?!

    christel, TAK! Det er lidt en nødløsning, men en bedre en end jeg havde turde håbe på.

  5. I feel your pain, I too am growing out an undercut. 4 months down.

  6. It's tricky, right? There's really no good way to do it!