Thursday, September 30, 2010

London town

Ok, so, London, innit?
It wasn't at all as bad as i'd feared, but then again, it wasn't exactly fun either.
I was eating a ton of painkillers all weekend, and as long as i did that, and did my exercises, i felt fine.
Actually, sometimes i even felt a little loopy, but hey, it sure beats being in pain, so i was ok with that.
Of course, halfway through the weekend, Allan's cold decided to find a new host and i was its victim of choice.
As if one of us having a terrible cold wasn't bad enough, right?
I am still struggling with that, by the way, as is Allan, but that's a different story.

But being sick and cold (London was not as pleasant as last year, weather-wise) wasn't what bugged me most about this trip.
What bugged me was this feeling that something important was missing.
The secret ingredient to having a good time.
The spark.
And it wasn't just me being weird as usual, lots of people was feeling it.
In Allan's words, the magic was gone.
The way i felt was this; it was like being at a party, where everything is normal and everyone should be having fun, but it feels like the person who is always the life of the party, the one everything revolves around, isn't there, and nobody can even remember who exactly that person was.
Now, in real life, a bunch of people were in fact missing, and missed, but that wasn't even it.
Something had changed, and i think maybe it was us.

But good things did happen, and despite our misery, good times were had.
We saw some great friends and met some nice new people too, and that alone was worth the trouble, and we probably will go back next year, but this weekend has just made me all the more comfortable with our decision to not do that many conventions anymore.

Just off the Stansted Express
(look how light we traveled, the tiny, knee-high suitcase is mine)
Home, sweet blah
Thursday night, we went to the venue to set up the booth
Chriss' banner had gone green
Yeah, Kent, show some consideration, ok?
I'm not gonna name any names, but this is where the vegan and the vegetarian of our little group do their shopping... who likes the oceans anyway, right?
Hotel restaurant pasta
Friday, unlike last year i reminded Allan to take a picture of me once in a while
Yup, i wore sweaters all weekend... it's the most dressed-down i've ever been at a convention, i think
Allan hated doing this, but he was in no shape to work
This was in the artist and helper toilet (yes, we finally got our own toilets, that was a pleasant surprise!)
Allan already posted his three tattoos, so here's a sweet one that Chriss did, on Saturday i think?
Saturday, Allan felt in ok shape to work, so he was happy again
My view
During the weekend i did a lot of booth-sitting for Kent who was working the TAM booth alone (you can't really tell in the picture, but i'm wearing these awesome navy/glitter tights from Japan)
Laurits and Rikke got awesome new tattoos
Shige did crazy long sessions on huge pieces
Sam* brought donuts... this was Sunday by the way
Monday, look who's ready to get the fuck out of there
Eckel the Tourist
I bought a new scarf and some tea for my grandfather and absolutely nothing for myself, not even these fancy shoes
Hunter, Allan and me on our annual Regent Street/Topshop trip
Oh, and i came home to this shit, and this was just one of my email accounts... that's what you get for ignoring the internet for an extended weekend, i guess

So, yeah, that was the short version of what we did this weekend.
There is a longer one (there always is) but that one involves details that implicate other people, so i'll just leave it at this.
I wish my story was more cheerful and uplifting, and i wish i at least had a sweet new tattoo to show off, but we don't always get everything we wish for, and that's ok too.
Compared to what i'd expected, or feared is more like it, this weekend was actually pretty ok.
Allan has tattoo pictures up on his blog, so don't forget to check those out!

*I'm sorry for the double-chin picture, guys, but the other one i took was way too bright!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's Wednesday.
It's fucking cold.
It's been a day of no-show clients, no heat in the apartment, and me almost fainting on my way to work.
The no-show wasn't really a surprise, and the heat will hopefully come back on soon, and the near-fainting? I guess this cold i picked up from Allan in London is a little more persistent than i thought.
Anyway, it was scary, but i'm totally fine.

Even though we'd already guessed today's client wouldn't be coming, she hadn't actually bothered to cancel her appointment, so we kinda had to be at the shop.
But it did give us a chance to do some practical stuff around the shop, and do some grocery and antique shopping too.
Sadly, the stuff i'd wanted to buy at the flea market we missed this Sunday was long gone, but in another shop i found something that totally made up for it.
And more importantly, because of this purchase, today will not be remembered as "the-day-i-almost-passed-out-while-riding-my-bike".
No, today shall be known as "the-day-i-bought-a-giant-ass-porcelain-dog"!

I don't know what happened, i just had to have this
Lucifer gets back from his country getaway tomorrow, i can't wait to see how he reacts to this

Oh, i was gonna blog about London too, but i'm still editing a few pictures (even though i hardly took any, at least compared to how many i usually take) but i'll have it up tonight or tomorrow.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend while i was away from the interwebs!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cautiously optimistic

First, i gotta thank you all for your concern for my wellbeing, and all of your nice comments.
When you're feeling really, really down, there's just nothing nicer than people sending you nice, positive thoughts, you know?
So seriously, thanks.
And i also appreciated the feedback on the "too-personal-or-not-personal-enough issues", that i'm probably not the only one who has from time to time.
It's a balancing act, and i'm glad none of you seemed to think i was stepping over the line, sharing my health concerns (or "complaining about shit" as it is also called).

So, since none of you seem to mind the sharing, i want to let you know that i went to the doctor this morning for another exam, and while they couldn't fix me right there on the spot, as i had obviously hoped, they gave me a lot of good advice and a bunch of homework, in the form of exercises, that i have been doing all day.
I'm by no means 100% yet, but i haven't been a throbbing ball of pain all day either, so i'm hopeful, and i think my chances of at least feeling less crappy before London have improved drastically.

I even made it to the shop today.
I know it hasn't been that long, but i've been going a little crazy at home, and it was good to get out.
While i've been sick i've been updating Allan's portfolio, something that took more work than expected because our home printer tends to over-saturate everything and i had to photoshop each picture, so they didn't come out bright red.
Anyway, while i was doing that, i decided to make one for myself too.
It's been a few years since i had one, and putting together Allan's, and working on the website recently, made me want to do one for myself.
So i've been printing a bunch of pictures and putting them in a photo album i bought in Japan this April, and considering it only took a few hours, i think it's pretty cute.
I still don't think i'm gonna leave it out at the booth this weekend (i really hate playing the role of the imposing girlfriend) but now i at least have some examples of work with me, if someone should ask.
Don't laugh, it happens!

I did a really quick, and not very professional, photo-shoot at the shop today, just so i had some new stuff in there too

I'm not sure when i'll have time to blog again...
Hopefully tomorrow, but even though we don't have any merch this year, there's lots of stuff to pack, so i don't know for sure, and i can never remember the internet situation at the hotel.
Hopefully i'll at least be able to catch some wi-fi here and there, and update my Twitter!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miserable me

How personal is too personal?
That's a question i've been struggling with ever since the start of this blog.
I want this blog to be somewhat personal; if it's not personal then it's of no use to me and i might as well stop.
But i want to keep at least a part of my life private.
So much information is out there, about most of us, and sometimes it's a little too much.
I like reading about other peoples lives and personal experiences, but if it gets too personal, it can get distasteful.
And if it gets too shallow, as i fear this blog is too sometimes, it gives people the wrong impression of what your life is really like.
In my opinion.
In short, i wanna share, but i don't wanna be an oversharer.

That sentiment was really put to the test this winter, when i was going through one of the hardest times in my life, physically and emotionally.
I remember needing to vent about my fears, but i decided to not share anything until after the surgery.
And even when i posted about my second time in the hospital that week, i was careful not to get into any gross or traumatizing details.
And as far as i remember, this is the first time i've ever really gotten into how bad i felt, for months after the surgery.
How it wasn't till this summer that i could sleep on the left side of my body again, how i actually never thought i'd get the feeling back in my left ear until one day it just came back, or how much i really fucking hate when people ask about my still very ugly, very visible scar.

Well, now i'm here again, wondering if sharing will make things better or worse?
If the world really needs more of me whining about my health, or if it's just bringing down the overall cheerful tone of this blog?

I don't know, but here goes.
Without getting into the gross details, as usual, i had this... procedure done two weeks ago.
That was pretty neutral, right?
Anyway, it was supposed to minor, but with me, nothing ever is.
I immediately experienced side effects and complications i had no idea excised, and it has made the last two weeks pretty difficult.
And this Saturday the complications seemed to go from bad to worse.
I spent hours just lying on the couch, in pain, unable to do anything, and the exact same thing happened Sunday.
Now, this would be bad enough during a normal work week, but this is the week we're going to London.
Something that's giving me enough anxiety without the prospect of being sick there too.
Conventions in general are pretty stressful for me already, because of my existing health issues, and believe me when i say that i really don't need the added stress of this new thing, whatever it is.
For once, i wish i could just go to a convention and just be there, and be excited about seeing friends and hanging out, and not worry about my crappy body.

Right now i'm at home.
I just talked to the doctor i've been seeing, and they squeezed me in between patients tomorrow morning, so now i'm just hoping that they can do something to ease the pain and make this coming weekend something that i can look forward to, and not dread.

This thing was my bestest friend yesterday... i hope i won't need it today
My other bestest friend, insisting that i take pictures of him and not my new shoes
This awesome shot happened because he tried to get in between me and the shoes, so he could lick my ear
There they are, tall, but surprisingly comfortable (better picture here)

If only i could take Lucifer to London with me.
Or stay home.
Goddammit, i hope this works out before Thursday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A treat for a bald head

The wigs i ordered for Carmen, my lovely mannequin, arrived this morning.
Both of them, even though i bought them from two different sellers on two separate dates.
But hey, i'm not complaining, who doesn't like super fast shipping and surprises in the mail?

This is what she normally looks like; trying to look classy and dignified while wearing an old, cheap ass white wig that i got in a costume shop years ago.

And this is, sadly what she looks like without it... it was all my fault...
Wig number one: beautiful, blond finger waves
Great for dark hats
Wig number two: light brown, and slightly longer, finger waves
Awesome for lighter hats
I had to try one, of course!
Allan laughed so hard when he saw this, so i guess i shouldn't go blond anytime soon!
But even if i did look silly, going back to this stupid mushroom head was still kinda disappointing
Oh, and i was so stoked on getting the wigs, that i promptly put up some nice hangers for them!

I haven't made any hats today, but i did finish Izumi's present, and i made a few other small presents as well.
I am hoping the next pillbox idea will just come to me, like the other ones did, but right now i'm blank.
Anyway, we have so much stuff to prepare for London that i probably won't have time to start anything new until after we come back, so i have lots of time to think.

Oh, and it's Friday, right?
Have a nice weekend, sweet followers!
And you too, lurkers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello rainbow

I have decided to go shopping this weekend.
I know that Japan isn't too far away now, and i hate shopping in this city, but i feel like buying new shoes for London is the only way i can get excited about going.
I hope once i'm there i'll be able to enjoy it, as i usually do, but right now going to a convention is just about the last thing i feel like doing.
Also, we're gonna miss the big flea market on Ravnsborggade.

Speaking of Ravnsborggade, me and Lucifer got caught in the rain there today, right when this lovely rainbow appeared
This hat has caused me quite a few headaches, but now it's done and i'm actually pleased with the result
I had a couple of other small projects going today, besides the hat, and one of them had instructions in Japanese... super helpful

I also finished a late birthday present for my friend Izumi, but i think she actually drops by here once in a while, and i don't wanna spoil the surprise.
Don't you hate that about blogging?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy trails, lazy Wednesday edition

Well, i haven't done one of these in a while, but i spent my evening cooking dinner and interwebbing, and that last part usually involves checking out a trailer or two.

Freakonomics- The Movie
I enjoyed The Book, so i'm guessing i'll like this too

Inside Job
I wasn't impressed by the trailer, but the movie sounds interesting (also interesting, the almost complete lack of women in this movie... hmmm...)

Fair Game
If anything deserves to be made into a movie it's this story, so the movie better be good

The Social Network
I remember thinking this was the most retarded idea ever, when i first heard of it, but this facebook movie doesn't look half bad

Black Swan
Everyone is hyping this, and well, i'm intrigued too

And in the "yeah, no"-category we have Let Me In which i probably won't be watching.
I'm not saying it's sure to suck, but there's just no way it can be as good as the original, so why bother?

Oh, and here's dinner; my famous (but not really) spaghetti and full-of-vegetables meat sauce (with no actual meat in it)


Me and Lucifer snuggling on the couch after watching Starship Troopers

Lucifer is always a needy little bunny, but he seems extra anxious and cuddly these days.
Such a strange little guy, that Lucifer.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apples and oaks

My parents were in town this weekend, and they brought me some apples from their garden in the country.
I ate one for lunch today, and it had the craziest taste; super sweet and super sour at the same time.
I bet my Japanese friends would have liked it.
This kind of apple also has another fun characteristic, as you can see in the picture below.

The red peel dyes the apple itself a lovely shade of pink

In other plant news, you can tell that it's fall when the tiny oak tree sheds his magnificent leaves.
This year he had four, so it took him a couple of days too.
But now he seems to be confused about the seasons...

Is that a new leaf on the way? I guess it's spring again already!

Thanks to everyone who have sent me feedback, and visited the new website.
I know it's not exactly perfect, but i'm still working on it, and today i added a bunch of pictures to the gallery.
And as soon as Carmen's new hair arrives, i'm gonna get Allan to take some nice photos of the remaining hats in my workshop.
I went with this one, but i'm already planning on buying more.
Maybe Carmen will be a good friend and share them with me?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Website surprise

You know how i was home sick all day yesterday?
Sure you do, since it would be very unlike me not to bitch about something like that.
So, yeah, i was home sick, and i was screwing around with the new template designer.
It was working fine, except for the fact that all of the code i had put in myself, suddenly didn't work anymore.
So i was searching for tips on where to put my favicon code among others, when i came across an ad for building your own website.
It's not like i haven't seen those before, but lately i have been thinking a lot about just doing the website myself, so i decided to sign up and play around with some ideas, and before i knew it, i basically had a website.
I almost finished it last night, and just a few minutes ago i pressed "publish" and now it's... out there.
Now, it's one of those free ones, so it's full of ads and i can't use my own domain unless i upgrade, but it's a start.
And i love seeing all (or most) of the hats i've made in a nice gallery together.
It's somehow completely different than having them scattered all over the blog!

Anyway, enough talk, go check it out and let me know what you think, but be kind, it is my first attempt!

Oh, and if you're one of the people who has this blog bookmarked as "" you will have to change that, because as of today that address will forward you to the new website.

(Pst, click the picture to go to the site)

Ps. I never did find any useful tips on favicons and dropdown menus.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another kind of mushroom

When i booked a hair appointment about three weeks ago i had no idea what to do about my hair.
And when i went down to the salon yesterday morning i was no wiser.
But me and the hairdresser did what we usually do, threw some ideas around, and eventually agreed on something.
The cut is definitely a compromise between what i actually wanted, and the reality of having an asymmetrical undercut growing out, but as far as temporary solutions go, i think it works pretty well.
I was planning on dyeing it a much darker brown this weekend, but i'm feeling sick (i actually left the shop before 8pm yesterday!), so i think i'm gonna wait until i start to feel better.

Half a kinoko cut
I always tell her to make me look more Star Trek-y, and i'm never quite sure if she knows what i mean

After i came home from the salon i needed to change for work.
My clothes had gotten wet in the rain, but they also looked wrong with the new cut.
So i looked though my inspirational book (which is basically just pages cut out of Japanese fashion magazines) and found the inspiration i needed in a Ray Beams spread from back in April.

Kind of an equestrian country boy-ish maritime look!
(Customized blazer: H&M, Shirt: Japan: Sweater vest: Vintage found in trash, Trousers: Lowry's Farm, Socks: Japan, Rubber boots: Bilka)

It was still raining, so i had to wear my cheap Hunter copies, but i found that wearing my rain boots with argyle socks and pretending they're riding boots, makes going out in the rain a little less boring.

Please excuse the mess...

Just goofing around with the new template designer while i'm sick at home anyway.
I promise to clean up when i'm done!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I had a much needed day of awesomeness yesterday.
Good times, good food, good company.
It was a drawing day, which for me means all-day crafting marathon, and lots of time to hang out with the guys.

Before going to work, we received some car accessories in the mail
Poor-quality-nerd-bumper-stickers rock!
I do love him so
This is not a muffin, this is THREE muffins, spliced together... yes, it is the Frankenmuffin!
As we were still swallowing our last pieces of muffin, Young came by to offer us a piece of her magnificent birthday cake
To be honest, we all felt a little bit like Totoro looks after eating this
I've been working on this one for ages
But the sushi hat is done
My shelf
Yes, that is a tiny hat box...
... and a tiny sewing machine, of course
I finally found a way to use this old case
When we weren't eating cake, or singing along to the James Bond soundtrack, Allan was drawing for London and Nick was just drawing
Since i made the black fascinator, i've been wanting to do more of these
Now in colors
Oh, and Nick make a hat for my squirrel!