Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something blue

A little over a week ago i went to see one of my very old friends get married.

I bought this dress at least two years ago, but have never had a chance to wear it before
I wore it with Lola Ramona shoes and my grandmothers old purse (that still smells like cigars a bit)
The dress was bought on eBay (from seller Denise Brain) and came without a belt, so i made this one
And the hair clip i posted a picture of the other day
Candy colored shoe-goodness
This was the first traditional church wedding i'd ever attended, and although both church and wedding was lovely, i am very happy that i chose to get married in Vegas myself
The new bride and groom getting rice in places no rice should be!
Pretty lil' sis
This is where the reception took place

After the reception i jumped in a cab and went to the shop where Allan was busy doing this and this, even though he doesn't actually work Saturdays.
But we had friends visiting from Austria, and an Australian client too, and they needed their tattoos and Allan can't say no.
Oh, and speaking of the Austrians, the next day we took them to a flea market where i got the most awesome embroidered piece for my office.
Two words: birds and squirrels.
Pictures soon.

Allan and Lucifer, shopping for old crap for the Conspiracy


  1. Hvor ser du smuk ud. Mad Men with an edge!

  2. You look amazing, and I love your hair accessory which I'm guess you made :) SKILLS! I wish I could fit my pup in a satchel

  3. Wonderful style, indeed.

    (I cannot remember the last time when I was in a church...not that I any reasons to be in one.)

  4. These pictures of you are SO cute! You looked fantastic for your first church wedding. I have one to attend in late September, and I'm already trying to find something "acceptable" to wear.

  5. Anne, tak, hvis bare jeg også havde haft fancy Mad Men hår!

    samboy, thanks!

    Vanessa, thanks, and yeah, he is a practical little size, that one.

    it goes without saying, mange tak, den var et godt og billigt vintage fund!

    aixxx, i definitely don't either, but the only time i go to churches is when they're super old and in a foreign country!

    Hella J, tak babe!

    Jessica Pulse, thanks! I'd recommend 60's vintage, good for being classy without feeling super awkward!

  6. Ok the dress is amazing and you look great..

    But I have been distracted by the word "squirrel". I demand a pic of this embroidery goodness!!

  7. You look so good! Very nice dress! Hugs!

  8. I love the first comment. "Mad men with an edge" is right! Fantastic.

  9. I love the first comment. "Mad men with an edge" is right! Fantastic.

  10. Yeah, Mad men with an edge is pretty much the nicest compliment ever!