Monday, August 23, 2010

Social retardedness be damned

Dudes, we had some weekend.
Considering that we're people who like to do either nothing or work on weekends, we had a lot of plans.
We even went out, like to a real club and stuff.
I hate plans, and i hate going out, but we need to shake our hermitness once in a while, and in spite of our reluctance to leave the house, we usually end up having fun.
Saturday was no exception.

Our day off started at the shop, with all four of us hanging out in the drawing room.
No one had to actually work, but everyone came in anyway, and i think that says a lot about the shop.
Anyway, i did some hat making and had a brief, but good, meeting with Christels sister, who volunteered to model for me, after i whined about needing a model the other day.
Apparently i just have to bitch about it on the blog when i need stuff (insert lame joke about how i need a million dollars here) so expect a lot more of that in the future!

The guys were painting and drawing
I started my first ever pillbox hat, a hat that i actually finished today, but it'll get a post of its own
We went to my parents' around seven, they were having a little dinner party in honor of their good friend Eileen who is visiting from St. Croix
It was nice to hang with the family, but around midnight we had to leave because this guy was having a release party for his awesome new (free!) mixtape in the oh-so-trendy meatpacking district
The place was packed, there was even a line outside... needless to say, we were very proud of our boy
Martin and Christel rocking out together, so cute
Allan got pretty wasted on cheap beer, and i had just enough booze in me to shake my social awkwardness and dance (three small vodka/club soda will do the trick)

See more (and better) pictures on Christels blog.

We slept till late on Sunday.
Really late.
When we finally went outside for coffee and chai, we stumbled upon an antique give-away.
This nearby shop was clearing out their inventory and had put a bunch of free stuff in the street for us to take home.
I got some cute coffee cups for the shop, a couple of sewing machines, one old and one really old, and some other cute little knick knacks.

I don't have a picture of the real sewing machine, but here's the hand held one
Endorsed by a man i'm guessing is the real life Troy McClure?

Our evening ended with bangers and home made mash (some veggie bangers and some Austrian cheese ones) with Nick, followed by a little trip to the movies where we finally saw Inception.
The food was delish (that's why there are no pictures) and the movie was enjoyed by all three of us, something that almost never happens.

Good thing we had a slow Monday, after all this activity, my slacker brain kinda needed that!