Saturday, August 28, 2010

The market

So, the flea market today wasn't the huge financial success i'd hoped for, but it was a fun day and a great experience nonetheless.
The market was rather small and there weren't that many people all the time, but the weather was mostly good, and the company was awesome.
Allan and Lucifer stayed with us all day too, which was pretty nice of them, in my opinion.

Our corner
I was hoping to sell this jacket to a husky 11 year old with a Hello Kitty fetish, but since none showed, Christel used it to play dress up with the hungover Martin instead
He wasn't too happy with the situation, but this guy knows better than to argue with a girlfriend who wants to put him in embarrassing positions and take pictures of it
I was there to sell and not buy, but when my buddy Jon came by and told me that a nearby booth had a cheap Matryoshka, i couldn't resist

Although i didn't sell as much as i was hoping too, i have not been discouraged, in fact, i'm thinking about signing up for another one next weekend!

We were supposed to go out tonigh, but after a whole day outdoors, we got a little lazy, so instead we had burgers and ice cream and watched Independence day and Point Break.
In other words; the perfect Saturday night..


  1. That looks like fun! We've recently started going to the "Last Thursday" art walk here in Portland and people just bring tables and set up their goods to sell. Even if we don't sell anything it's fun to watch all of the interesting people that come out to play.

  2. independence day and point break. you are awesome!

    the weather looks really nice, huh? it's still so friggin hot over here. when are you coming here next?

  3. maybe some of those goods would find a good home via ETSY :) just a suggestion.....sadly I dont have a hello kitty fetish, though your friend sure looks cute in it. hehehehe! BUT I am always in the market for cool dansk items to sassy up my closet

  4. Jeg er en god kæreste, han fik både lov til at prøve candtfloss farvet jakke OG hente is! Tak for en dejlig dag, næste gang sælger vi like motterfokkers - jeg håber du hyggede :)

  5. Kim-Anh Nguyen Art, haha, yes, it wasn't stolen OR parked illegally after all.
    All that fuss over nothing.
    Hope you got back home ok!

    Vanessa, i wish we had something like that here!

    aixxx, they're classics!
    It's been cold here, summer ended with some crazy monsoon like weather and now it's just gone.
    I always check the Tokyo weather and i can't believe how hot it is.
    We're back in November, i hope it'll be as nice as last year!

    Uden Relevans, ja, han m,angler bare en sej pink bande!

    Tanya, he is pretty friggin adorable! Maybe i'll throw some on etsy too!

    christel, ja, det var super hygge!
    Det nede på Onkel Dannys plads er søndag, så måske kan vi nå det, men ellers er der faktisk et til i år den 3. oktober.
    Måske det ville være federe?