Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little green pill

Does it seem odd that i'm about to post pictures of the hat i just finished yesterday, when the ten pieces i've been talking about forever have only gotten puny preview posts?
Maybe, but me and Allan have a proper photo shoot with a model and location and everything planned for those, so it'd feel like cheating to post pictures of them now.
But i can't wait until the etsy store is open again to post new work, so here's what i worked on most of Saturday and Monday.

On Saturday i got this idea, but for that idea to work, i needed a pillbox base.
And to make that base i needed a pattern and what do you know, this book that Tina once sent me had very simple, understandable (even for an idiot like me) instruction on how to make one.
I've been meaning to try out some of the patterns in that book for so long, but i think the fact that i suck at using patters and have gotten so comfortable just making stuff up along the way, have kept me from it.

I didn't have all the required materials (what the hell is buckram anyway?), and the ones i did have called for some major modifications to the pattern, but i managed.

There it is, my first pillbox hat
I cut the oak leaves from maple leaves
The cuckoo clock was bought at a hobby store here in Copenhagen, that specializes in model building and dollhouse materials
I pretty much always have pheasant feathers lying around
The owl fabric i used for lining is actually a handkerchief i bought at the Motomachi supermarket in Yokohama a long time ago

Since this is my first try at this particular style, i'm sure it won't be long before i loathe this, so posting it while i still think it's awesome was probably a good idea!
I hope you like it too.


  1. Buckram is used as a stiffener. It's light weight and it's made out of cotton. I haven't actually used it but I work at a craft store and thats what I tell customers haha

  2. gosh that is darling....love it :) you have sooo much talent.

  3. Awesome like all your other creations!! Sarah might flip!!

  4. it's lovely. i reallyyyy like the inside

  5. so cute! the clock is the cutest!

  6. Ninia LaGrande, thank you!

    Little Eden, that's what the book said too, but i have no idea what it's called in Danish!
    The people at the local fabric store are clueless, so i ended up using card stock and that worked out ok!

    Flo's Diner, taaark!

    Tanya, aw, thanks!

    alice, yay, thanks!

    Corey, haha, yes, i need to make her something special!

    Betty , thanks, i like this style because i can use more cute fabric this way!

    samboy, thanks, i love the clock too!