Friday, August 27, 2010

Holy sh...

Tomorrow i am participating in my first ever flea market here on Vesterbro, and by the looks of the massive amounts of crap i hauled out of the basement last night, it's not a moment too soon.
I am not exactly a hoarder, but i do tend to hang on to stuff a lot longer than i should, but i can feel that part of me has been changing lately.
I wanna get rid of stuff now, i want an organized storage room in the basement and i want a wardrobe that's not full of clothes i only kept for sentimental reasons.
The market is here, and if you're in town i suggest you drop by and make a bargain.
And if you don't like my old junk, i'm sure Cristalmilk, who i'll be sharing a booth with, will have something interesting for you to buy!

Trying to air out my crap, just in case people don't dig Eau de Stuffy Basement


  1. OMG! I wish I could come by, I am sure I would find your trash my treasure!

  2. Det skal blive så hyggeligt. Eau de stuffy basement er squ lige som det skal være. Det viser sig at der ingen borde er, men har et stativ med til dig. Hmm tænker at mødes mellem 9&10, og så sætter vi op, og drikker kaffe og chai - Bliver godt!

  3. OHHH me too, I totally wish I could stop by...the pink blouse I bought from ya is one of my fav's :) Hope you have a super fun time and make oodles of cash!!

  4. Neeeeej, jeg er i Sverige! Gem noget crap til mig!

  5. Tanya, thanks, not exactly oodles, but it was fun!

    Fie, der er masser tilbage, overvejer at melde mig til et andet næste weekend!

  6. looks like a veritable treasure trove!