Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was gonna take a nap, but then i did this instead

I was lying on the couch with Lucifer, about to doze off, when instead of sleeping, i decided to rearrange the crap out of my work space.
Stuff was cleaned, organized or thrown out, and furniture was moved around.
I don't know exactly what happened, or where that sudden burst of energy came from, but it felt great.
It's by no means perfect or finished, but it's still a hell of a lot better than before.

My corner is a corner no more

Allans side of the room is still a total mess, and we still have no clue about what to do with that.
I have a feeling that nothing will ever be just right in this old, crooked, too-low-ceilinged-apartment, but this is home and we just have to find a way to make it work.

Hey, by the way, i think i just had my first good Monday in what seems like months!
Felt like a Sunday, got tons of shit done, had ice cream.
Yup, i needed that.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A brief visit to Bisserup

Yesterday was one of those (so far few) days where we've really felt the advantages of having a car.
My parents had invited us to dinner, but since we didn't have time to stay the night, we would have had to say no if it hadn't been for Jean-Luc.
Good boy.

The dinner was for their friend Eileen who is going back home to the islands on Thursday, and they'd invited a mix of friends, family and people from the village.

My pictures today are a mix of S90 and iPhone shots, i hope the contrast isn't too disrupting.

As soon as we arrived we took Lucifer for a long walk
The weather was windy, but warm
I so wanted these
But this isn't the city, the stuff you find in the street (or by the sea) actually belong to people
It had been raining
Into the forest
You can really breathe down here, and as i told Allan, just breathing that fresh country air is worth the ride down there
I dare say i enjoyed this walk almost as much as the dog
We stopped to feed the cows, of course
When we got back, the guests started arriving
The neighbor had baked the most wonderful cinnamon cake
Eaten with sour cream... divine
Lucifer with Sailor, his inappropriate man-crush
Lucifer, Sailor, cousin Karla and my dad
The worlds smallest apple tree produces some pretty big apples
The rose hip bushes in front of our house
My parents went to Sweden last week
Before Sailor went home he scored some leftovers
My wonderful husband, looking annoyed with me as usual
Allan, always such a hit with the ladies!

During dinner Allan got some sad news, and because of that we had some really good talks on the way home.
We don't talk that seriously that often, but i think i really needed to vent about some stuff.
So for once i didn't fall asleep in the car like i normally do!
Lucifer, however, was beat and slept the whole way.
We got home so late, but it was still worth the ride down there to see my family, say hi to nature and eat some great food.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The market

So, the flea market today wasn't the huge financial success i'd hoped for, but it was a fun day and a great experience nonetheless.
The market was rather small and there weren't that many people all the time, but the weather was mostly good, and the company was awesome.
Allan and Lucifer stayed with us all day too, which was pretty nice of them, in my opinion.

Our corner
I was hoping to sell this jacket to a husky 11 year old with a Hello Kitty fetish, but since none showed, Christel used it to play dress up with the hungover Martin instead
He wasn't too happy with the situation, but this guy knows better than to argue with a girlfriend who wants to put him in embarrassing positions and take pictures of it
I was there to sell and not buy, but when my buddy Jon came by and told me that a nearby booth had a cheap Matryoshka, i couldn't resist

Although i didn't sell as much as i was hoping too, i have not been discouraged, in fact, i'm thinking about signing up for another one next weekend!

We were supposed to go out tonigh, but after a whole day outdoors, we got a little lazy, so instead we had burgers and ice cream and watched Independence day and Point Break.
In other words; the perfect Saturday night..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Holy sh...

Tomorrow i am participating in my first ever flea market here on Vesterbro, and by the looks of the massive amounts of crap i hauled out of the basement last night, it's not a moment too soon.
I am not exactly a hoarder, but i do tend to hang on to stuff a lot longer than i should, but i can feel that part of me has been changing lately.
I wanna get rid of stuff now, i want an organized storage room in the basement and i want a wardrobe that's not full of clothes i only kept for sentimental reasons.
The market is here, and if you're in town i suggest you drop by and make a bargain.
And if you don't like my old junk, i'm sure Cristalmilk, who i'll be sharing a booth with, will have something interesting for you to buy!

Trying to air out my crap, just in case people don't dig Eau de Stuffy Basement

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little green pill

Does it seem odd that i'm about to post pictures of the hat i just finished yesterday, when the ten pieces i've been talking about forever have only gotten puny preview posts?
Maybe, but me and Allan have a proper photo shoot with a model and location and everything planned for those, so it'd feel like cheating to post pictures of them now.
But i can't wait until the etsy store is open again to post new work, so here's what i worked on most of Saturday and Monday.

On Saturday i got this idea, but for that idea to work, i needed a pillbox base.
And to make that base i needed a pattern and what do you know, this book that Tina once sent me had very simple, understandable (even for an idiot like me) instruction on how to make one.
I've been meaning to try out some of the patterns in that book for so long, but i think the fact that i suck at using patters and have gotten so comfortable just making stuff up along the way, have kept me from it.

I didn't have all the required materials (what the hell is buckram anyway?), and the ones i did have called for some major modifications to the pattern, but i managed.

There it is, my first pillbox hat
I cut the oak leaves from maple leaves
The cuckoo clock was bought at a hobby store here in Copenhagen, that specializes in model building and dollhouse materials
I pretty much always have pheasant feathers lying around
The owl fabric i used for lining is actually a handkerchief i bought at the Motomachi supermarket in Yokohama a long time ago

Since this is my first try at this particular style, i'm sure it won't be long before i loathe this, so posting it while i still think it's awesome was probably a good idea!
I hope you like it too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Social retardedness be damned

Dudes, we had some weekend.
Considering that we're people who like to do either nothing or work on weekends, we had a lot of plans.
We even went out, like to a real club and stuff.
I hate plans, and i hate going out, but we need to shake our hermitness once in a while, and in spite of our reluctance to leave the house, we usually end up having fun.
Saturday was no exception.

Our day off started at the shop, with all four of us hanging out in the drawing room.
No one had to actually work, but everyone came in anyway, and i think that says a lot about the shop.
Anyway, i did some hat making and had a brief, but good, meeting with Christels sister, who volunteered to model for me, after i whined about needing a model the other day.
Apparently i just have to bitch about it on the blog when i need stuff (insert lame joke about how i need a million dollars here) so expect a lot more of that in the future!

The guys were painting and drawing
I started my first ever pillbox hat, a hat that i actually finished today, but it'll get a post of its own
We went to my parents' around seven, they were having a little dinner party in honor of their good friend Eileen who is visiting from St. Croix
It was nice to hang with the family, but around midnight we had to leave because this guy was having a release party for his awesome new (free!) mixtape in the oh-so-trendy meatpacking district
The place was packed, there was even a line outside... needless to say, we were very proud of our boy
Martin and Christel rocking out together, so cute
Allan got pretty wasted on cheap beer, and i had just enough booze in me to shake my social awkwardness and dance (three small vodka/club soda will do the trick)

See more (and better) pictures on Christels blog.

We slept till late on Sunday.
Really late.
When we finally went outside for coffee and chai, we stumbled upon an antique give-away.
This nearby shop was clearing out their inventory and had put a bunch of free stuff in the street for us to take home.
I got some cute coffee cups for the shop, a couple of sewing machines, one old and one really old, and some other cute little knick knacks.

I don't have a picture of the real sewing machine, but here's the hand held one
Endorsed by a man i'm guessing is the real life Troy McClure?

Our evening ended with bangers and home made mash (some veggie bangers and some Austrian cheese ones) with Nick, followed by a little trip to the movies where we finally saw Inception.
The food was delish (that's why there are no pictures) and the movie was enjoyed by all three of us, something that almost never happens.

Good thing we had a slow Monday, after all this activity, my slacker brain kinda needed that!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

I am way behind on some of these travel posts.
Like, months behind.
But unpublished posts are great for Saturdays where blogging is the last thing you wanna do, because it may or may not be the last day of sunshine before official-fall arrives.
You know, those days.

So here we are, or there we were, in the Long Beach Aquarium the day after the Ink n Iron convention in June
There were lots of pretty creatures
And a couple of really ugly ones too
Some were tiny
Like this guy
And some were huge, like this old fella
And some were see though!
Wait a minute, that kind looks like a...
This was in the petting zoo section (it was a little slimy)That's an unfortunate name if i ever heard one
Outside there were sharks, rays and a huge lorikeet cage, that me and Hanna went into more than once
We thought it was so adorable when two of them climbed onto my bag
That's until we found out that they were eating it!
I asked them politely to leave, but that didn't work, and neither did shaking the bag, so in the end i had to walk over to a staff member and ask her to please remove her naughty birds!
After she's gotten them off, they gave me this "what?! i'm just an innocent parrot"-look.... yeah, you're not, though, and my bag has the beak holes to prove it!
And lastly, Allan and his bitches?

See more aquarium goodness on Hanna's blog.
And have a nice weekend!