Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On a deserted island, part two

We decided to take the boat out to "Fedet" kind of early, because my grandfather was arriving that afternoon.
We were on a mission to find interesting dead things, and to swim of course.
Preferably not at the same time.

Mom was ready to rock, or sail
No one enjoys the sun quite like this guy (if you're wondering what's going on with Allans shorts, the explanation is swimming!)
We split up, covered a lot of ground, and all made some awesome, and sometimes gross, finds

Does this look like a person who decapitated four decomposed seagulls using nothing but rocks and twigs?
Don't worry, i'll spare you the gory photos...
Dogs CAN look up
Signs of civilization
Pretty poppies
The beautiful, but oh so annoying, thistles
This is what a family of explorers and professional thing-finders can come back with after about an hour of intense scavenging

We went back to our new favorite swimming spot today, and much to our surprise my dad made another startling discovery.
One so good that we're coming back to collect it tomorrow packing some more serious gear, think gloves and huge trash bags, and one that'll no doubt require a third post in this series.


  1. Can I come scavenging next year? Be an honorary explorer? Just once?!

    Also, what becomes of the bird heads?

  2. score! can't wait to see what you all do with them! :) x

  3. you kids made me very proud.

  4. Any blog post thats has the line "We were on a mission to find interesting dead things" gets my thumbs up! Haha

  5. Uh hvor sp├Žndende! Sikke en cliffhanger!