Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On a deserted island, part one

As you may have guessed from the previous post, we are now in Bisserup.
We arrived on Sunday and so far it's been everything i hoped it would be.
It's relaxing as hell, we've been swimming a bunch (something i missed out on last year, because of a food poisoning incident), we're eating my moms delicious food and we're really enjoying nature and being outside all day.

The trip down here was hell, though.
We took the train, which is always hellish so nothing new there, but this was particularly annoying since the train broke down just two stops from the station where my dad was waiting, without his cellphone, to pick us up.

Lucifer was a well behaved boy
He even managed to get a bit of sleeping done
Waiting for an hour for the next train out of Buttfucknowhere

The water our house overlooks is kind of a bay, and to swim we usually go to the real beach just around the corner.
But the water near our house is great for just walking by, and it's where our boat is parked.
More on the boat is coming right up.

After looking for nice rocks in the water i found a nice little relaxing spot
Everything wooden down here is worn down, and partially eaten
Lucifer ran away from Allan to come join me
What a fitting name for a sinking ship

Monday afternoon my dad took advantage of the company, Allan and our friend Anders who was visiting, and decided to get the boat in the water.
And since it was down there, we might as well try out that new electrical engine we've been hearing so much about.
It was magical; green, efficient and completely silent.

The boat was a gift from my grandfather, a nice replacement for our previous boat "Den Sorte Sejler" which sank many years ago with a bunch of people, myself included, on board
Me and mom (and Lucifer, of course)
Lucifer just loves sailing
We cruised over to an island just across from the harbor called "Fedet", no people live there, but plenty of sheep do
The sky was just so nice that day
Between the bay and the sea
Opening hours
The natives actually were a bit restless
My mom with the catch of the day; a dead duckling
Going home

Since we were all wearing flip flops, clogs or regular shoes, and the island is full of thistles and sheep shit, we decided to return the following day (that was today) with better footwear to see if we could find some more dead animals or nice rocks.
What does your family do for fun then?

Oh, and this is how our evening ended, eating ice cream from the local ice cream parlor on the harbor


  1. your mom's got a great style. and i really love lucifer's ears! such a cute!!

  2. I was just going to say the same thing about your mama. I want her hoodie!

    Your hair is getting so long!

  3. god!

    and i am alone in the castle again....hope you guys feel good about that.

    just putting it out there.

    no,seriously:have a really nice time over there.
    cant wait to see you guys again.and the FRENCH CANADIAN,who thinks he is just french.

  4. Smukke billeder (tjekket fra den smarteste smart phone. Det er svært!)

  5. *indsæt lyd af længselsfuldt suk*

  6. Ninia LaGrande, i'll pass the compliment along!

    Fawn and Flower, i know, but only on one side.
    This undercut thing is starting to bug me a little...

    Eckel, sorry!!
    In all fairness, we did try to take you with us, remember?
    The offer still stands by the way, who needs customers anyway?
    We're coming by tonight, WITH the french canadian, so i hope you'll be there late!

    Hella J, er du ved at ha styr på den?

    Flo's Diner, kom ned, Bisserup isen kalder!