Thursday, July 15, 2010

Four days in Long Beach

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Ink n Iron convention on the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Usually a pleasant experience, but due to changes brought on by new hotel management, and the high cost of a booth and all the paperwork that comes with it, this will be our last year attending this show.
The hotel has always been expensive, so i can't complain about that, but when the price stays up and the service go way down, and they're paranoid and rude to boot, i am out.
I am all for safety, but having my bag and my body searched by incompetent, hired security every single time i want to enter my hotel, is not something i'm willing to put myself through again.
But despite uncomfortable circumstances, we had a great weekend with good friends.
As always.

An in progress picture of my nautical nails, i'm embarrassed to say i haven't been able to find a picture of the end result
In Long Beach, we listened to Snoop all the way from the airport
Peanut, was it?
The art show we never made it to
The sleeping Hata, a common sight in our car during those days
Whose dog?
Junes dog!
And Junes pretty toes!
Reunited after months apart... can you tell?
We were supposed to share a booth with Hunter, but he couldn't make it, so he gave a friend presents to give to us (Klaus took the picture)
Me and Klaus went to the car show
I don't care about cars, but i had fun taking pictures of them
Ok, this is pretty awesome
I spent more time up on the deck than i usually do, and it was wonderful up there
Probably the best part of the weekend: Corey surprising us by coming down from Vancouver!
We spent an afternoon chillin and comparing iPhone apps (we know we're nerds, no need to tell us)
I didn't get tattooed on this trip, but Rei did
Every night we ate late and we ate crappy, but we had fun, and sometimes we got extra milkshakes
Pain and doom
Skulls, i bought a red and blue one for my office
Mohawk Allan checking out a show
I miss her...
Annual penis flash
Proud Mary
Blaine came down from LA to hang
Tomás Garcia did what may be the last cult banger ever
The last night where we finally found a restaurant that wasn't the Shorehouse
Allan and Hanna did some epic air drumming
Seriously, it went on forever!
Me and Corey took some more stupid iPhone pictures

No outfit photos, i was basically wearing the same thing i was during the rest of the trip and you've seen most of that.
It was just one of those times when i couldn't be bothered to dress up.
Maybe because i really am over this convention, and that whole scene in general?
Who knows, i just wasn't feeling it this year, and i am so looking forward to going to California without attending a convention at all.

Coming sooner or later, the one where we all go to the aquarium and the one with the barbecue!


  1. That really sucks that the convention went down that way. Do you think you guys will end up going to a different convention in the states in the future?

  2. We used to do the Austin convention too, but we're taking a long and maybe permanent convention break.
    I don't wanna do them anymore, they're such a hassle and we don't really need them anyway.
    But when we go to the States again to travel and visit friends, Allan will still do guestspots.
    But ink n iron was fun while it lasted!

  3. I think it's super ironic that I found your blog when I was at the Austin convention looking for tattoo inspiration. Now i'm hooked on Allan's work. I recently moved to Portland and found out today that Eckel was here last month. I think I must be cosmically entwined with your shop! haha

  4. They are actually not going to be having Ink N Iron at the Queen Mary anymore because of all the problems that happened this year. Just so you know, in case you want to come back next year. f

  5. I hope you still come to London each year!x

  6. Vanessa, we're not the worst people to be cosmically entwined with!

    Autumn Rae, yeah, i heard that too, but while i didn't like staying at the queen mary towards the end, i still can't imagine the show anywhere else.
    I'm just over conventions in general, i think.

    samboy, we will, but we might work less and hang out more!

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  8. I agree, I've had it with poor administration, all the unforseen expenses and ridiculous security checks. I doubt I'll be going back next year...

    BUT, as always it was amazing to see you guys and a ton of fun despite all! Epic airdrumming and bag-eating parrots is always a good time...

    Until next time!

  9. i miss you guys so much! Im soooo glad i was able to make it down for the convention, as last minute as it was!

    MARCH 10!!!

  10. About Kapten Hanna+Corey, it was so awesome to hang, i wish you were both here right now!!