Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday was colder than expected, but still such a lovely day.
After a meeting with insurance about the water damage in the shop, i met up with Flo for some lunch.
We went to this new place on Blågårdsgade where the food, coffee and chai was good, the prices were reasonable, and the service was lightning fast.
A rare thing in this city, or anywhere i suspect.

Veggie meatballs and one mutant potato
After a lovely lunch i walked Fie home, so i could say hi to grandma and a sleepy Viola

Allan was almost done when i came back, and we were off work before six.
This is something that just never happens, so i felt like the luckiest girl ever.

Back on Vesterbro we went out for more coffee and tea, and when we came back i decided to put Eckel's trimmer to good use and cut my hair.
It went ok, but the parts i couldn't see proved a little too difficult for me, so i called for backup.

I never shaved my own head before... definitely an experience i can recommend
Voila, Allan's handiwork!
My hair is way more punk than me

We figured that we might as well try to make a great day perfect, so we went down the street to eat at Bento.
Eating there is always such a pleasure, the food is superb and the company even better, and last night was no exception.
Sushi restaurants are popping up left and right in Copenhagen these days, but me, i'm sticking to this one.

I could eat here every day
I had miso soup, maki, age tofu and a bunch of the veggies from Allan's set menu

After dinner you'd think we'd had enough to eat, but no, we wanted ice cream too!
And since the Sicilian place was closed, we went to the 7-11 by the central station to get some Ben & Jerry's instead.
Turns out, the guy working this particular evening, happened to be the former manager of the 7-11 in our old neighborhood, a guy we've known for years, but don't see too often since we all relocated.
So we ended up hanging out at this kiosk by the central station for about 40 minutes, catching up with our old 7-11 guy.
So awesome!
When we finally left to go home and eat the ice cream, and watch some Battlestar, i had a feeling of belonging in this city in a way i haven't felt in a very long time.
Maybe shorter work days and more socializing is the answer?
I don't know, but i'm gonna try to do both more often.


  1. the hair looks great!

    glad you're enjoying some relaxing times :)

  2. I sandhed en dejlig frokost! Og det er bare en super vigtig følelse, den med at høre til...glad for, den lusker sig ind på dig. Selv om du jo fra mit synspuknt altid har været indbegrebet af det seje ved København :-)

    Og gå så væk, halsdelle, already!!

  3. Hehey! Vi har næsten samme hår!

  4. I love aged tofu! but it does get 'mixed' reactions from people... Keep smiling! :)

  5. sushi, ice cream and a cute hair cut. well played lady.

  6. Din by elsker dig!

  7. uhoowaow ! Punkgrl 4.3, it´s so nice !
    looks very cool !
    do the same with Allen,.. partnerlook !!!
    waiting 4 pic. !

  8. that sounds like such a nice evening - and I love how your hair turned out :)

  9. i like the sound of you enjoying living in copenhagen! and i totally encourage shorter work days! more time to hang out with me!

  10. samboy, thanks!

    Flo's Diner, du er sød.

    Sune, Ja! Jeg skal bare lige være modig og tage den anden side med!

    MinusAll, no, no, age, deep fried tofu. Aged?

    alice, i do get it right sometimes!

    Marvin, eeehhh, elsker er sådan et stort ord.

    igl, alright, i'll get to work on that!

    San Smith, thanks, my husband can take credit for that!

    Corey, by the time you move here, maybe we'll have normal workdays, like normal people?