Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amalie and Lucifer goes to Bisserup for a day and a half

Ok, so the country, right?
My brain is still a little fried, it would seem.
And my gums hurt, but that's a whole different story.

Anyway, let's start with the opening of the ceramic exhibition in my parents art gallery.
Cause y'all need some culture and shit.
I did tell you about the gallery, didn't i?
In short there's a gallery down there, they had an opening, and later that day my dad's big-band, who had played in a nearby town, came for dinner.
Good people and good times.

The top of a coffee pot
A window of memories i think, now in my moms collection
A collaboration between to potters, a Dane and a Mexican
Also my moms
Face vase
More windows
Outside the gallery the sky was blue and the weather was scolding, in a good way
We went to the beach as soon as we could, Lucifer ran and ran
And i went for my first swim of the year (it's ok to look stupid on this particular beach, thank god)
Mothers of Copenhagen Bloggers Association?
Our beautiful houses
My very, very beautiful boy
The light down there is amazing
My dad built this recently
The trumpet players ex-girlfriends dog, Isa
This is not what taking the dog for a walk looks like on Vesterbro
Mom and grandpa
We went to bed early and got up early, here's our breakfast table... outdoors, of course
Ahh, le beach
I had to force Lucifer to go for a swim so he could cool down, and this is him drying himself afterwards
He also did this on the bath towel of a total stranger on the way home!
Also on the way home we ran into some neighbors and their many dogs
They told us that they had two puppies and you know i had to go see those!
Here's part of the gang, making sinister plans in their backyard
One of two papillon boys they still have for sale*
I had to catch a train home Sunday night, so this is us on Næstved Station, with a hellish ride ahead of us

There was a lot of Lucifer in this post, wasn't there?
I hope you liked that, i know i did.
We're going back to Bisserup for some actual vacation, all three of us, real soon and i for one can't wait.

*From Denmark, need a dog? Let me know and i'll hook you up!


  1. I love the face-vase! And the cute little birds on a bike ride.

    The Denmark country side looks gorgeous! What a great way to enjoy the sun.

  2. the bird and bike plate is a-amazing!!!

    i just had to google where bisserup is, to find out if i have ever been have been around in denmark so often, i cant even remember every city...but obviously in this area i havent been...;-/ although we spent two weeks on sjealands odde before my daughter was born, but it was pretty boring there...;-) next time i shall check out bisserup and get some plates! ;-)

    xoxoxoxo Trine

  3. it looks so...just nice and peaceful and fun^^

  4. My what a wonderful posting, it made me long for vacation and the quiet of the country side, I just love your post from Bisserup, I feel like adopting your family :0) So creative and such a beautifull home!!!

  5. haha just be thankful he is only rolling around on the ground and not on something SOME dogs do..erhm.
    It looks like you had a great time. It's nice to leave the city for short little holidays like this.

  6. Der ser så fint ud dernede.. Helt fortryllende!

  7. Det oser så meget af hygge at det knager i mine knogler! Jeg er vild med den måde Lucifer tørrer sig på, selvom jeg nok ikke havde været lykkelig hvis han havde tørret sig i mit håndklæde, haha. Sandra

  8. It's look so beautiful where your parents live. Lucifer is gorgeous!

  9. deep sigh, I soooo agree with Missy Kick-A-Lot....I wanna adopt your family so I can go visit them for the weekend....I am totally in love with the house, Bisserup, your moms art, the beach and well gosh EVERYTHING!

    This whole post really super made me feel happy :) I really mega adore you and your happy little family, dog, amazing husband and blog!

  10. The house looks like something from a Miyazaki film - so so pretty!

  11. Thanks for all your comments on this post, i'm so happy that you all like Bisserup too!
    As for everyone wanting to be adopted by my parents, you're gonna have to take that up with them.
    But i will say, if it ends up affecting my number of christmas presents, we're gonna have a serious problem!