Monday, June 28, 2010

Tired... break

I'm, uhm, busy.
Doing important stuff.
Yeah, stuff...


  1. Ja lejligheden rengør jo ikke sig selv. Og det der..

  2. would you believe it if I told ya I have never seen any BG? GASP yes I know the horror of admitting that to you...will you still be my online "friend"? hehehehe

    I think it would be a good download and a fun one to watch with Jacob (my 12 year old)....thanks for the suggestion. We recently watched the MacGyver series and he thought that was really fun. Mostly I just laughed at the hair :)

  3. Tanya, i only started recently, so i'm not gonna judge!
    I think Jacob would enjoy this too, there's lots of action, but it's not too violent for a kid, so go for it.
    And props for introducing him to MacGyver, they have to know the classics right?