Thursday, June 10, 2010


I did get to lounge by (and swim in) the pool in my new bikini, and i think i even have the tan lines to prove it... this in spite of being covered in generous amounts of SPF 70!

These self portraits will be so much easier with the new iPhone... oh yeah, i am so getting one!

Ps. There is no internet on the Queen Mary, so if you don't hear from me before Monday, it's not necessarily because i fell overboard.


  1. plat at jeg ikke har tid til at nyde våde hotte kone. ØV!

  2. Hej hej flotte og flot bikini!
    Hey jeg har nogle seje strømper til dig, skriver du ikke lige når i er hjemme i regnen igen :)

  3. Wow Amalie! You should show a little skin more often! As they say... "If you've got it.. FLAUNT it!"

  4. wish i could be getting tattooed by allan again this year at ink n iron!! here's a macbook photo of the tattoo he did on me a couple years ago (still looks pretty much brand new in person):

    you two are awesome!! cant wait to see more photos and writings from your trip! enjoy your time here!


  5. Thanks gals, and Jessica, if the weather is good this summer i will consider flaunting!!

    ronnie, good to hear from you again, i'm glad the tattoo is looking good and i know Allan will be happy to know too!