Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday me, Allan and Jon went antiquing.
I'm not supposed to be buying anything that isn't on my very short shopping list (unless it's for the shop) so i mostly just took pictures of things i wish i could buy.

Orange circle on a very hot day
They have the best shops here
I have a thing for stupid porcelain figures and i almost bought this one... almost
How bad did i want all the kitchenware? Pretty bad.
This one was too big to even consider bringing home, but damn!
It's the cookie bunny!
Aw, ewoks...
I like stupid souvenirs too
And pretty dolls
Just before lunch we snuck into the local masonic lodge (we didn't get further than the lobby, but it was still pretty awesome)
Terribly mysterious

If you're wondering if we bought anything, the answer is yes.
One thing, and it was for the shop.

We saw this guy in the window of one of the shops, and i fell in love immediately
Of course it's insanely heavy, so i may have to pack it in my hand luggage, but i think he's worth it

Since it was almost too hot to be outside, we spent the rest of the afternoon inside a nice and cool movie theater.
I think the movie was funny, but i would definitely have enjoyed it more if the need to pee hadn't presented itself halfway through.
I guess i'll have to see it on dvd soon to make sure!


  1. eckel came by today and has the machines plus a nofx video.
    i meant to send a long a note but the baby eats my brain.
    the guy with the braids, jay, in the video is our friend and my old boss.
    love your new deer friend. looking forward to seeing him in your new shop someday. what's your email again?
    you have mine?

  2. ps the weather is not so great here so you arnt missing too much.

  3. Yay, i'm glad you got to see Eckel!
    I have your email, mine is just the shop one.
    I'll send you one right now, so you have it.