Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Allan got a last minute cancellation today, so we took the day off, but despite the unexpected free time, and extraordinarily great weather, i've been in a... mood, all day.
But we had an ok time nonetheless.
Allan got his new bike, same as the one that got stolen, and Lucifer got to play with a whole lot of dogs in the park.
I did a bunch of laundry and assembled and cleaned an old cabinet my parents found for us at a flea market in the country.
I also read a bit.

Tonight we're going out to dinner and to a show, so i'm hoping that will cheer me up.

Lucifer never wants to look into the camera...
Really, dog, there's nothing over there!

Maybe he just knows how good he looks from the side?


  1. how dare you flaunt summer in Denmark in my face! I love it but I am insanely jealous... shorts!!


  2. Th weather is seriously amazing, for once there's good reason to be jealous.

  3. ok i just posted something to cause you jealousy. bask in the greatness of my picture!

  4. wish it was that nice when I was there! Might have to make my next appointment there in the summer!

    Can't deal with that cold again!

  5. teleportation is needed, i mean we do have the faxmachine!
    lucifer looks best from the side.
    Weather in sweden is silly good aswell, but, i am bleacher, no burner, i like it in the shade...

  6. Lucifer is too cute! My dog hardly lets me take photos of her, and if I snap one she is usually giving me a dirty look. It's so weird!

  7. Eriksweden, you're right, we're way overdue for some teleporters!

    San Smith, what is it with amll dogs and cameras?
    You'd think they'd enjoy the attention, right?