Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy b-day to me

This has got to be the lamest birthday ever.
Our cold just keeps getting worse and we actually ended up sleeping most of the day.

But we did get up early to have breakfast at my parents' place and my sweet mom had made delicious birthday brunch, that included eggs, homemade bread, melon and even a birthday pineapple!

Greek yogurt with nuts and syrup
Pretty birthday flowers from my husband

After our nap we went out for some coffee and chai, and now we're on the couch, watching Battlestar Galactica.
Truth be told i'd rather be watching season two of True Blood, which we started last night, but i feel we'd be cheating since the Canadians aren't here.

Ok, so besides the cold i guess it isn't the worst birthday ever.
I may only have gotten one present (thanks, mom!) but i got a lot of sweet texts and calls from friends and family and that is, after all, what matters most.
Hopefully we'll feel a lot better on Friday, and we can have a nice double birthday then.


  1. Happy birthday lady! Sorry I missed you when you were in California... You were so close yet so far. ;)

  2. Tillykke med fødselsdagen!!! Ked af den ikke har været optimal. Men dejligt med blomster fra mand og morgenmad fra mor :)
    Hurraer og fødselsdagskram fra Karla og Oberst :)

  3. Hej
    Jeg faldt tilfældigvis over din blog ifm. en søgning, og er allerede rigtig vild med den! Er bla. især meget glad for dit tattoo-label, det er dejlig inspiration!

  4. happy birthday!
    sorry to hear you're ill on your special day + I hope you get better soon so you can celebrate proper..

    those are lovely flowers from Allan you lucky duck!
    enjoy your battlestar evening

  5. Hope you feel better soon and Happy Birthday!! I really want to start True Blood's season 2 as well, but I need to locate a copy. Hopefully I will soon!

  6. Ooh happy belated birthday! Do you want some crafty scraps supplies???

  7. happy belated birthday from me too.
    Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

  8. JLYoungsma, next year!!

    Karla og Ditte, tak, fødselsdage er lidt ligesom nytår, aldrig helt som man forventer.
    Men en tvungen dag på sofaen med manden er nu ikke så tosset!

    Josephine, mange tak!
    Der kommer forhåbentlig snart en ny post med det label, hvis alt går vel!

    kirsty, thank you, we are feeling a little better today already!

    San Smith, thanks!
    We found ours on sale at Best Buy, so try that maybe?

    HL, you bet i do!!
    You have my email right?

    Betty, already way less sneezy than yesterday.

    Mie Harder, stort tak!

  9. Jeg søgte på babushka dukker, og så kom din blog op, den er rigtig fin den du har på fingeren. Overvejer selv om den næste skal være sårn' en fin dukke.:)

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Don't you just hate getting older?
    I still get excited for my birthday All. Year. Long. Every month on the 29th I say "only x more months!".

    And then it finally comes, and

    meh. Just a day. Just like any other (only I get to be disappointed).

    Ho hum.

    But I hope it was as good as it could have been.

  11. Belated happy birthday pretty lady! I had so much fun with you guys in Cali! Hopefully I'll see you with the new boy in tow at some point this summer! Kys og knus!

  12. Josephine, det havde jeg lidt på fornemmelsen, jeg kan se ud fra min statistik at der er mange der ender her på grund af den tatovering!

    Anonymous, it definitely could have been more exciting than a snot and sneeze fest on the couch, but whatever, i'm ok!

    About Kapten Hanna:, thanks, we miss you already!
    It was so great hanging out, you and the new boy definitely need to come to Denmark soon!

  13. Happy belated birthday. (God I'm so bad at this!)

    Hope you are better by now.

    BTW, because of the match (in 10 hours or so), the media has been talking nonstop about Denmark, and it's so funny because all they talk about is Legos, Andersen, how gentle and mild the Danes are, and fxxking Rooligans. Are they really Rooligans? I mean, people watching football drunk are the same everywhere, just as annoying and obnoxious!