Saturday, June 26, 2010

A good day

No more long work days for a while, no more photo editing, no more birthdays and no more excuses.
I better get to blogging before all my beloved followers decided to take their business elsewhere!

Yesterday was Allans birthday and i'm happy to report that it was everything my birthday wasn't.
We took the day off to hang out and relax, eat ice cream and take long walks.
For dinner we invited a few people over... very few, in fact, since i couldn't be bothered to clean the apartment and you kinda have to if you invite a lot.
We made pizzas for dinner, and Christel had baked muffins for dessert.

Brunch down on Versterbro Torv (i brought the flag from home)
Yeah, i buy my man flowers... what!?
Christel is the queen of muffins
I almost forgot the birthday candles i bought in Orange County
Blow out those candles, birthday boy!

We got the best presents (yes, i got presents too!) and had pretty much the best day.
We'd actually planned to join Martin and Christel late in the evening for a skate event here on Vesterbro, but instead we ended up on the couch watching a horror movie (only because we forgot for a moment how much we HATE horror movies) and a couple of Battlestar episodes.

Allan got a book and a skull (i gave him a little flea market find from the States, but it's so small it hardly counts)
I got these goodies* from Martin and Christel... ok, let's be honest, mostly Christel!
And these two beauties from Eckel and Bri, aren't they amazing?
They're going in the office for sure!
Cute wrapping paper
Also from Martin and Christel; a jumpsuit!
Unless you're new here, you know how much i love those (please excuse the morning face)
Cute back detail

Because we had the day off yesterday, today feels like Sunday.
I love long birthday weekends so much!

*Ai, the socks made me think of you!


  1. Nårh, jeg tror at du får meget svært ved at slippe af med dine læsere. Du er superhyggelig at følge, der bliver virkelig delt ud. :-) Sandra

  2. Hey, et menneske der ser smuk ud i jumpsuit! Sejest!

    Glæder mig til frokost, skal nok få svaret på den sms pronto.

  3. happy birthday to you both!

  4. Classic Copenhagen, tak, jeg håber de andre læsere er ligeså søde og tålmodige!

    Flo's Diner, hov, nu var det mig der var sms sløv!

    alice, thanks, i miss you!

  5. ha, i thought of myself, too.

    those muffins look like they came from a children's book. such good-looking muffins. happy b-day to allan as well.