Sunday, June 27, 2010

For the birds...

You know that feeling you get when you decide to translate a word and the result is just not what you expected?
In my case the word was "blishøne" and the result made me go "huh!?"
If you're wondering, the word for "blishøne" in English is "Eurasian Coot"*, or simply "coot".
I think i like "blishøne" better.

Anyway, i like coots.
They appear to be rather dumb birds, and they're certainly not as cute as, say, ducks or swans, but i like them anyway.
I even have a stuffed coot in my livingroom!

Weeks ago two coots started building a nest in the middle of the lake close to the shop, and i have been watching their progress since the beginning.
I don't know what their foundation is based on, because it ain't the floor of the lake, but they found something.
They are very creative when it comes to nest-building, and the lakes are kinda filthy, and this made for some interesting work materials.

Sadly i didn't have my camera with me the day i took this, so you'll just have to trust me when i say that mama bird was lying on an empty chips bag!
But look how nice it turned out

So, today we went to the shop.
I know it's Sunday and we aren't supposed to, but we were meeting our families for brunch and we decided to meet on Nørrebro, so Allans mom could finally see the shop.
After brunch we went down to the lake, and to my surprise the nest was empty.
Next to the nest was mama bird, taking a long and well deserved bath (much like a human mama would, i suppose), but there were no chicks in sight.
Many theories popped up in my head: maybe there never were any eggs, maybe they where eaten by a heron or a seagull?
I was more than a little sad.
But then we saw them.
They were hiding in the plants and papa bird was cruising around nearby, finding food for them.
*Insert sigh of relief*

Mama bird drying her feathers after what looked like a very satisfying bath
So close to people and so far from the nest, which is probably why we missed them at first
Hiding in plain sight
Cutest little ugly birds!
I realize that coots probably aren't for everyone, but we all like ducklings, right?
Whenever i try to get a picture of this little family, mom and dad try to kill me...
... so i mostly just admire them from a safe distance

*Anyone else thought of Zoolander when they read that, or was that just me?


  1. Bird is the word!

    Jeg synes coot lyder som noget frækt.

  2. Jeg har også lige opdaget de nyklækkede svane unger idag, og taget billeder og det hele. Man bliver jo helt stolt af dem.

  3. Jeg elsker blishøner(/høns), men oversættelsen er ikke ligeså sej!

    Og de små ugly birds på billedet er bare for nuttede!


  4. we call them Moorhens :) I love them! Theres some on the lake by my work too and they make the cutest little 'peep peep' sounds :)