Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Anyone still here?
Sorry for the blog silence, that wasn't even planned.
We've just been hanging out, mostly at the shop or in my case, by the pool, and since we're getting up at 8.30 every morning, i'm usually too tired to blog in the evening.
I guess i haven't had many interesting pictures either, you can only take so many pictures inside a car, a mall or a tattoo shop, before that starts getting boring.

But i do have some from yesterday.
It was Allans last, real day off for a while, so we decided to go to Laguna Beach.
The weather has been great since we came, but yesterday it just had to suck.
So typical.
I was feeling all crampy too, so the day wasn't the greatest success, but we ended up having a pretty good time, all things considered.

On our way to the beach, clouds had our car surrounded... not a great sign
The many exciting adventures of Rilakkuma
I enjoy signs
This one in particular
Windy and cold
The waves were high, but not that high
I don't think we've ever gone swimming at the beach in California, and it doesn't look like it'll happen on this trip either
Evidence, i was there
My mood turned better when i accepted that it was too cold to swim, and just focused on pretty things i found on the beach
Like sea plants, i can spend hours looking at those
Alien guts?
Look at the size of those... things
Pretty purple
Allan just likes taking pictures, so he wasn't too bummed about the weather
I found these for myself and a nice little branch for my mom
Last one before heading back to the car

Tomorrow we're checking out of this hotel and into the one at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
We're also picking up the Japanese at LAX, and while i can't wait to see them, i hate those hectic days where we have to drive around a lot.
Motion sickness is just one of the many health issues i've been having on this trip, and sometimes it feels like my body just hates California, because i honestly can't remember ever feeling physically well here.
Not feeling well means i spend a lot more time alone than i'd actually like, but it's better than moping around and bringing everyone else down too.
I just hope i'll feel at least kind of ok during the convention, otherwise it'll be a nightmare.

Ok, one more post (i didn't wanna make thise one anymore picture heavy than it already was) and then i'm leaving this hotel room!


  1. Queen Mary in long beach? awww i wish i could someday going there... !
    Have fun !!!

  2. If you think those seaweed nodules are big, you should see the ones on the beaches in NorCal! You can barely get your hand around them! And the tails are crazy long! Like 5 feet and more! We were up at Pismo Beach when I was a kid and me and my brothers had whip wars with them! Ouchie!

    I've got a bone to pick with this here state of mine for not treating your body well. Maybe CA doesn't like your beauty here competing with it's!!

  3. I love your photos..
    :) My boyfriend got tattooed by Allan at long beach convention..Your blog is cute.. :)