Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to normal, whatever that is

Our house guests left very early this morning, or very late last night if you will, and friends leaving always makes me sad.
While they were here we managed to watch the entire second season of True Blood, eat more ice cream than any of us thought possible and get lots of tattoos.
My idea of a good time, for sure.

The blog has suffered a bit from this Canadian invasion, and being back to working full time as well, but i'm gonna try and catch up this weekend.
Long Beach pictures are way overdue!

Tuesday i came to work and found a pretty birthday flower from Eckel on my desk
On our way to the shop, on foot because Allan's bike got stolen, we met this handsome fella (or lady)
A well timed cancellation (see Martin, it's not all bad!) made it possible for both Liam and Marika to get tattooed
We had a late burger dinner at the shop, me and Lucifer took a nap on the couch after that!

Tomorrow is Allan's (real) and my (fake) birthday.
We plan to celebrate with homemade pizza.
I know, we're out of control.


  1. how lovely of Eckle to leave you a pretty orchid on your desk! you're surrounded by super nice boys! haha.
    enjoy your day x

  2. Big Happy Birthday's to you both! Hope you both have a great day :) .....hang on a second, is that Liam from Cancer Bats getting tattooed?!

  3. Yay, jeg glæder mig til at fejre jer - Mon i kan lide lagkage? Eller rettere sagt, noget i er allergiske overfor?

  4. Such a nice flower! Eckel is a sweetie!

    Make sure you catch up with season 3 of True Blood now, its so good! :) x

  5. sunshine in denmark! who knew?

    i would like to bring on another canadian invasion please..

  6. Well happy birthday to you both!!

    Ohh yaaa just you wait for season 3 of True blood, you thought that it could not get any better but then it did!!!!

  7. ÅHHH tillykke til jer begge! håber i har det fantastisk <3

  8. kirsty, thanks, and yes, i certainly am!

    MinusAll, thanks, and yes, yes it is!

    samboy, can't, we're old school, like to buy dvds and watch them on tv.

    Corey, i'm about ready for one more.

    danish ice, i'm hoping for lots of Eric!

    Ulrikka, tak Mai!