Thursday, June 10, 2010

... and nights

After the beach we went home to change, briefly considered driving to LA (a plan we quickly rejected because of the traffic that time of day) and then we went shopping.
First to Michaels where i bought some flowers, and then to the Spectrum where we looked at magazines, ran into some people, got Allan a new pair of Vans and met up with Klaus.

The stupid weather had gotten much nicer since we left the beach (but it still wasn't warm enough to swim)
After the mall, we went out to dinner
Three non-vegetarians at a vegan restaurant
Klaus' fortune cookie was empty
Mine was just full of shit
A quick visit to the supermarket turned into a very long one because of these two goofballs

We ended our day on the couch, watching CSI and eating ice cream.
Because of the ice cream, my stomach is killing me today, but it was so worth it!

1 comment:

  1. looks like a super day + i'm super jealous!

    that last photo of the greeting card makes me's soo sickly!
    enjoy your friday x