Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It did cheer me up.
A lot.
And i got to wear this, with heels!
I get way too excited about these things because i don't get out much.

Madglad, my favorite take out place on Vesterbro
I had three delicious salads (the orange was free)
People who take pictures of their food are my kind of people
I know i said the salads were delicious, but this strawberry trifle kicked their ass
This guy kicked ass too

Today was, if possible, even better.
But more about today... tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Allan got a last minute cancellation today, so we took the day off, but despite the unexpected free time, and extraordinarily great weather, i've been in a... mood, all day.
But we had an ok time nonetheless.
Allan got his new bike, same as the one that got stolen, and Lucifer got to play with a whole lot of dogs in the park.
I did a bunch of laundry and assembled and cleaned an old cabinet my parents found for us at a flea market in the country.
I also read a bit.

Tonight we're going out to dinner and to a show, so i'm hoping that will cheer me up.

Lucifer never wants to look into the camera...
Really, dog, there's nothing over there!

Maybe he just knows how good he looks from the side?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For the birds...

You know that feeling you get when you decide to translate a word and the result is just not what you expected?
In my case the word was "blishøne" and the result made me go "huh!?"
If you're wondering, the word for "blishøne" in English is "Eurasian Coot"*, or simply "coot".
I think i like "blishøne" better.

Anyway, i like coots.
They appear to be rather dumb birds, and they're certainly not as cute as, say, ducks or swans, but i like them anyway.
I even have a stuffed coot in my livingroom!

Weeks ago two coots started building a nest in the middle of the lake close to the shop, and i have been watching their progress since the beginning.
I don't know what their foundation is based on, because it ain't the floor of the lake, but they found something.
They are very creative when it comes to nest-building, and the lakes are kinda filthy, and this made for some interesting work materials.

Sadly i didn't have my camera with me the day i took this, so you'll just have to trust me when i say that mama bird was lying on an empty chips bag!
But look how nice it turned out

So, today we went to the shop.
I know it's Sunday and we aren't supposed to, but we were meeting our families for brunch and we decided to meet on Nørrebro, so Allans mom could finally see the shop.
After brunch we went down to the lake, and to my surprise the nest was empty.
Next to the nest was mama bird, taking a long and well deserved bath (much like a human mama would, i suppose), but there were no chicks in sight.
Many theories popped up in my head: maybe there never were any eggs, maybe they where eaten by a heron or a seagull?
I was more than a little sad.
But then we saw them.
They were hiding in the plants and papa bird was cruising around nearby, finding food for them.
*Insert sigh of relief*

Mama bird drying her feathers after what looked like a very satisfying bath
So close to people and so far from the nest, which is probably why we missed them at first
Hiding in plain sight
Cutest little ugly birds!
I realize that coots probably aren't for everyone, but we all like ducklings, right?
Whenever i try to get a picture of this little family, mom and dad try to kill me...
... so i mostly just admire them from a safe distance

*Anyone else thought of Zoolander when they read that, or was that just me?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A good day

No more long work days for a while, no more photo editing, no more birthdays and no more excuses.
I better get to blogging before all my beloved followers decided to take their business elsewhere!

Yesterday was Allans birthday and i'm happy to report that it was everything my birthday wasn't.
We took the day off to hang out and relax, eat ice cream and take long walks.
For dinner we invited a few people over... very few, in fact, since i couldn't be bothered to clean the apartment and you kinda have to if you invite a lot.
We made pizzas for dinner, and Christel had baked muffins for dessert.

Brunch down on Versterbro Torv (i brought the flag from home)
Yeah, i buy my man flowers... what!?
Christel is the queen of muffins
I almost forgot the birthday candles i bought in Orange County
Blow out those candles, birthday boy!

We got the best presents (yes, i got presents too!) and had pretty much the best day.
We'd actually planned to join Martin and Christel late in the evening for a skate event here on Vesterbro, but instead we ended up on the couch watching a horror movie (only because we forgot for a moment how much we HATE horror movies) and a couple of Battlestar episodes.

Allan got a book and a skull (i gave him a little flea market find from the States, but it's so small it hardly counts)
I got these goodies* from Martin and Christel... ok, let's be honest, mostly Christel!
And these two beauties from Eckel and Bri, aren't they amazing?
They're going in the office for sure!
Cute wrapping paper
Also from Martin and Christel; a jumpsuit!
Unless you're new here, you know how much i love those (please excuse the morning face)
Cute back detail

Because we had the day off yesterday, today feels like Sunday.
I love long birthday weekends so much!

*Ai, the socks made me think of you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to normal, whatever that is

Our house guests left very early this morning, or very late last night if you will, and friends leaving always makes me sad.
While they were here we managed to watch the entire second season of True Blood, eat more ice cream than any of us thought possible and get lots of tattoos.
My idea of a good time, for sure.

The blog has suffered a bit from this Canadian invasion, and being back to working full time as well, but i'm gonna try and catch up this weekend.
Long Beach pictures are way overdue!

Tuesday i came to work and found a pretty birthday flower from Eckel on my desk
On our way to the shop, on foot because Allan's bike got stolen, we met this handsome fella (or lady)
A well timed cancellation (see Martin, it's not all bad!) made it possible for both Liam and Marika to get tattooed
We had a late burger dinner at the shop, me and Lucifer took a nap on the couch after that!

Tomorrow is Allan's (real) and my (fake) birthday.
We plan to celebrate with homemade pizza.
I know, we're out of control.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On Monday we got some late/early birthday goodies all the way from Hong Kong.
Thanks Nick!

Box of awesomeness (the weird frame is from the Photoshop iPhone app, a great app in general, but i guess i won't be using that particular effect again)
Holga, before it gets all expensive and Lomo-fied
I'll let Allan post about his present, but this (not so) little, pink beauty is all mine

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and i'm hoping that the photo place will have an easier time developing these than my Diana prints.*

When we got home last night there was a letter with flash from Toshi, not a birthday present, but a nice surprise nonetheless

*The reason i still haven't posted those is because they basically fucked them up.
Some of my pictures where actually really good, but they cut them wrong, and many of them weren't even included on the CD.
I made a cute photo album with them anyway, and i'll see if i can get some good pictures of that one day soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Happy b-day to me

This has got to be the lamest birthday ever.
Our cold just keeps getting worse and we actually ended up sleeping most of the day.

But we did get up early to have breakfast at my parents' place and my sweet mom had made delicious birthday brunch, that included eggs, homemade bread, melon and even a birthday pineapple!

Greek yogurt with nuts and syrup
Pretty birthday flowers from my husband

After our nap we went out for some coffee and chai, and now we're on the couch, watching Battlestar Galactica.
Truth be told i'd rather be watching season two of True Blood, which we started last night, but i feel we'd be cheating since the Canadians aren't here.

Ok, so besides the cold i guess it isn't the worst birthday ever.
I may only have gotten one present (thanks, mom!) but i got a lot of sweet texts and calls from friends and family and that is, after all, what matters most.
Hopefully we'll feel a lot better on Friday, and we can have a nice double birthday then.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brain, still no working

Flea market... of doom?
We bought this cheap chair
Back at Bento, after a six month (or more?) break from eating out

Tomorrow is my birthday, and besides breakfast at my parents i have no plans.
Since we're still jetlagged we decided that it would maybe be a good idea to celebrate my birthday together with Allan's on Friday.
He doesn't mind and it'll give us a few more days to figure our what to do.

Right now we're finally getting started on season two of True Blood.
Oh, and we caught a cold.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Please don't make me come up with a headline...

Oh, jetlag*, i have not missed you at all...
We just got in last night, and we probably should have taken the day off today, but we didn't.
Oh, well, falling asleep while tattooing is no big deal, right?

Our flight home was, if possible, just as bad as the one we took getting over there, but i don't even wanna get into the details.
The important thing is that we made it back ok, and that our luggage wasn't even close to being over the weight limit.

Lucifer seemed pretty happy about getting back to work

Around closing time, our Canadian buddies Liam and Marika, who we met last year, came to the shop.
They're here for about a week, and even though i can barely form a sentence today (trust me, it took me about ten minutes to write this one) it was great to see them again.
We're going to brunch and a flea market tomorrow, possibly sushi too!

After work we met up with Martin for ice cream and coffee

I'll get to the US posts as soon as my brain is back to normal, promise!

*You know what, spell check, i don't care if it is two words, i'll write it like this if i want to!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hjem, kære...

I so hate when i've been away from the net for a few days (not by choice, by the way) and have a ton of stories and pictures to share, but no time to do it.
Oh yeah, this post is getting an "i hate when..." label for sure.

We just got back home (to the OC, that is) last night and we're going home (to Denmark) tomorrow.
No time.
But soon.

I hope the trip home is turbulence free, and that the weather in Denmark is less winter-like than it was when we left.

Today in LA

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I did get to lounge by (and swim in) the pool in my new bikini, and i think i even have the tan lines to prove it... this in spite of being covered in generous amounts of SPF 70!

These self portraits will be so much easier with the new iPhone... oh yeah, i am so getting one!

Ps. There is no internet on the Queen Mary, so if you don't hear from me before Monday, it's not necessarily because i fell overboard.

... and nights

After the beach we went home to change, briefly considered driving to LA (a plan we quickly rejected because of the traffic that time of day) and then we went shopping.
First to Michaels where i bought some flowers, and then to the Spectrum where we looked at magazines, ran into some people, got Allan a new pair of Vans and met up with Klaus.

The stupid weather had gotten much nicer since we left the beach (but it still wasn't warm enough to swim)
After the mall, we went out to dinner
Three non-vegetarians at a vegan restaurant
Klaus' fortune cookie was empty
Mine was just full of shit
A quick visit to the supermarket turned into a very long one because of these two goofballs

We ended our day on the couch, watching CSI and eating ice cream.
Because of the ice cream, my stomach is killing me today, but it was so worth it!