Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Queen Bee

And just like that, it's cold again.
At least it still looks spring-y.

The upside of it being cold, but not freezing? I finally got to wear the jacket Martin got me for christmas!

I sort of stole this look from a girl i saw in Tokyo, only she had floral pants and awesome hair (the picture makes it look like it's daytime, but in fact it was around 9 pm and we were about to go home from work)
(Jumpsuit: PePe in Shinjuku, Shoes: Vans, Top and Cardigan: Lowry's Farm, Scarf: Vintage bought in Austin, Jacket: Vintage)

My favorite Lowrys bag bought (and photographed) in Japan is still my favorite, the other one, from Ray Cassin, wasn't a great buy

I have a hair appointment early tomorrow morning.
About time.


  1. i am curious about the hair!! :)
    and you look amazing like always ;)

  2. Calvin har den samme jakke - bare i blå!

  3. Sandra Valerie, thanks! The hair is basically the same, just shorter!

    Hella J, god stil har han jo, den lille fyr!