Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today has been a much nicer day, no major surprises or catastrophes so far.
And i'm still getting up early, thanks to the jet lag.
It feels pretty good, i wish i could keep it up.
Of course, it could be because we've been sleeping on the couch since we got back, and not because of the jet lag at all?
Who knows.

I haven't worked much today, mainly because i've had company all day and i'd much rather hang with friends than do anything practical.
Shame on me, i'm gonna go sterilize stuff as soon as i've posted this.

Here are some pictures from my favorite sushi restaurant, Momotaro.
They actually have three restaurants now, right next to each other near the station in Koenji.
Business must be good.
Sorry the pictures are so dark, i guess i was playing around with the settings on my camera.

Really long anago
Allan got double portions cause they love him there!
Dinner and homework
After dinner we went to Jeans Mate and i tried on these jeans a second time, and they still didn't look good on me (too bad, they were so damn comfy)
Instead i bought these simple, slightly stretchy and very tight Edwin jeans

Damn, i wish i was having sushi tonight!
I think a trip to our favorite sushi restaurant in this city needs to happen very soon.


  1. Hey velkommen hjem! Jeg spiste sushi nok for os alle sammen og lidt til her til aften. Det er jo ikke os alle sammen der har så høje krav, at vi helst spiser det i Japan :) Nogen gange er kvantitet nu altså meget godt!

    Glæder mig til at komme videre med tatoveringen! Hils derhjemme!

  2. omnomnom those picture make me hungry. I haven't had some good sushi in so long.

    I've wanted to ask you for a while now but always forgot about it again. How is it as a heavily tattooed person in Japan? With the whole Yakuza thing. I've heard stories where people with tattoos aren't allowed into restaurants or hotels. Is this even true?

  3. I've never had problems in restaurants or hotels (although i did hear from some friends that they once got turned away at a restaurant because of their tattoos, but it could easily have been their attitude!), or anywhere else for that matter.
    I do, however, stay away from onsen and public pools, as they're very strict about tattoos in those places, and i don't wanna put myself in a situation where i'll get discriminated. So that's something i'd check out before going.
    But in general, tattoos are quite common in big cities in Japan and people treat you the same as any other tourist.
    If you were a japanese male with traditional japanese tattoos, you might experience problems (being mistaken for Yakuza) but as a western girl, not so much.
    So in my opinion, the stories you hear are either exaggerated, or told by the unlucky few.