Monday, May 17, 2010

Fancy pants

On Thursday Martin dropped by the shop with a bag full of goodies from his girlfriend Christel.
She works for this fancy Copenhagen brand, and if it wasn't for her charitable nature, all my clothes would be Japanese!
I got a pair of pants, a pair of jeans and a pretty dress.
I wore the pants to work on Friday.

I found a vintage belt i've never worn that fits these perfectly
The scarf is actually just a small piece of fabric bought at my favorite chiyogami shop in Yokohama
At the shop i worked some more on my area, in the storage room i found the perfect frame for this Foujita print
I also started working on a bunch of different hats
Pretty flowers from Tokyo
Spot the meerkat
The new work space is so nice and easy to clean up, even after the huge mess i made that day
Oh, and i cleaned the office too... yup, we're getting there


  1. meerkat hat?!?! :O

    love the little head scarf!

  2. what a successful day. I wish i was that productive with my work space.

  3. samboy, maybe? I have a hat, i have a meerkat, so who knows!?

    Bluebird Russian, organizing it definitely helped my productivity a lot!

  4. Hey, Amalie, what do you do with your eye-brows? I mean, make up or any tweezing trick? They always look so pretty in shape and color, so will you share the tricks? :p

  5. Dora, wow, thanks, that's super nice of you to say.
    I've had major eyebrow insecurities since my stupid ex boyfriend told me he didn't like them (you know you said it, didn't like my ears either, did you!), so that's really nice to hear!
    I have an eyebrow pencil somewhere, but i only use makeup (other than foundation and mascara) on special occasions, so no makeup tricks, i'm afraid.
    I do tweeze them a couple of times a week, and if a hair is out of place i'll trim it with a small pair of scissors, so i don't accidentally tweeze too much and get them too thin.
    I also use a tiny razor bought in Japan (but you can probably get them anywhere) to shave off the hair that are too small to tweeze.

    Hmm, it actually sounds like i do a lot, maybe i should start using that pencil after all?