Friday, May 28, 2010


I got my hair cut on wednesday, remember?
It's nothing too exciting, though.
She cut one side shorter (although not as short as i actually wanted) and left the other side, the one that's only there to cover my ugly scar, alone.

I also dyed it red-ish later that day, but you can't really tell in photos
My god, i look tired... maybe because this was taken around 11 pm last night, and i'd been running around all day?
I was going for a Hopey-look, even though i'm obviously more of a Maggie in person

Gotta love toilet pitures, right?
So classy!


  1. as long as it's not this kind of toliet picture it's good.

  2. nice haircut mal ! it´s cool in summer.. :-)

  3. just noticed the pink pipes....

    ....why don't i have pink pipes?! :O

  4. Eeek! LOVE it! Sooo cute!! And I'm a huge L&R fan, was always a Hopey kinda girl me'self...
    See ya in 2 weeks!