Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Monday was Lucifer's 6th birthday.
They grow up so fast, don't they?
We had the day off and we did all of his favorite things: walking, playing, eating and snuggling.
And for once the weather was nice too.
Good boy.

If only it was warm, we could finally go for hanami
I wore my new straw hat (i also stepped in poop seconds before Allan took this picture... awesome)
Damn fine street art
Vesterbro's finest
The best dog in the world at the coffee shop
For dinner we made burgers and i gotta say, my homemade guacamole made this the best burger ever
We even made a tiny burger for the birthday boy (he likes carrots, by the way)
It started out so civilized...
... and then it got real messy, but he seemed to enjoy it!

Our perfect day ended on the couch, watching one good movie and one really bad one.
Isn't that how it always goes?


  1. what a wonderful day and happy birthday to your Lucifer :) Its always so fab to see the beautiful areas you go walking/biking in. AND omg the burgers look soooo freakn yummy, and thats coming from a veg.

  2. 6 kr! Tænk engang! Stooore dreng! Godt I havde en dejlig dag (poop-steppin' aside!)

  3. How sweet! He's such a lucky boy to have parents that are that awesome!

  4. I have been watching your blog for a little while now, it's fun to read! I didnt wanna be a creeper anymore. Soo hi! and thought I would say happy birthday to Lucifer. He's a cute one.

    Yup, still feel like a creep!
    ahah :)

  5. men who stare at goats is great, one of the best!

  6. awww cute little doggie burger!

  7. Tanya, they would have been good as veggie burgers too!

    Hella J, kr.? det var nu altså år vi fejrede!

    igl, that he is!

    Jen, trust me, we're the lucky ones!

    Chancey, thanks for commenting! I don't mind lurkers at all, but it's always nice to meet readers (or whatever you wanna call it?)
    And Lucifer thanks you too!

    eriksweden, it was, i'm just bummed that we watched a crap movie after it!

    samboy... to match the cute little doggie!