Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art & soul

Yesterday the weather was so much nicer than today.

We went down to Enghave Plads where Martin was DJ'ing at a street art/skate event
Martin always plays a bunch of my favorite songs
The street art part was pretty impressive
I guess these guys where behind the whole thing?
Copenhagen skater kids are so friggin adorable... the youngest to enter the competition was only 7!
When it started getting cold we did the only logical thing: we went out for some ice cream!
Here i'm tasting Allan's vanilla and Lucifer is catching a whiff of strange dog on his turf
And at night we went out for Vietnamese food with my parents, causing me to forget all about the one thing i watch on TV all year (or, online, since i don't have TV); my beloved Eurovision!

At least the food was good.

As you can almost see, i wore my new kimono from Japan with some jeans, but i didn't get a good picture.
It's really pretty, though.
I caused quite a few people to stare, but whatever, sometimes you just feel like wearing a kimono, you know?

I hope your Sunday is way sunnier than mine.


  1. Did you really watch Eurovision?
    Like, what did you like and dislike about this one? I'm yet a bit confused..!

    PS: Kimonos rule, I have a Kimono but still don't dare to wear it outside. I also found some of my mum's vintage chinese rice-paper umbrellas. These one rock! -I have a pic here!

  2. No, i totally forgot and i missed the eurovision, litterally the only television i still care about!
    I am bummed about that, and watching it later just isn't the same...

    Very cute umbrella, i agree!!

  3. Im so sad I missed Eurovision this year, it wasn't on tv on any of the American channels I can get! *sad face*

    That rice looks AMAZING