Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tokyo trends

The first thing i usually do when i come to Tokyo, after i hug Hata and eat something delicious from 7-11, is try to figure out what this seasons biggest fashion trend is.
It usually takes me about five minutes and the trick to figuring it out is easy: it's the thing everyone is wearing!

This year it's floral patterns, the maritime look (combined with kind of an old English beach resort look) and... straw hats.
While i'm all about the floral and nautical themes, i'm still not too sure about the hats.

Pretending to take a picture of Hata: the oldest trick in the book!
All shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones are the really flat ones that sits high on your head
Combining floral prints and hats? Bonus points to this shop!
Some are cheap looking and some are super fancy
Girl at Shibuya Station rocking the straw hat

Ever since we got here, i've been ranting about them to Allan.
He told me from the start, that there was no way i was gonna be able to pull off the straw hat look.
And since i'm not Japanese, or friggin Anne of Green Gables for that matter, i reluctantly had to agree.
But then the other day when we went into this one hat shop in Harajuku, i started trying some on and now i don't know...

No, i'm still not pulling it off, but i think i might have to get one anyway!


  1. Det synes jeg nu sagtens, du kan slippe afsted med! Du er så lille og fiks! :)

    Det er værre med os store skrumler, der nærmer sig de 1.80 i højde (og IKKE har en models drøjde)... Der er sgu meget få trends, der ser smarte ud til mig!

  2. I dunno, I kinda like it. I personally can't pull off hats, but I think it looks good on you... and you know what they say, when in Rome....

  3. Okay, first off- that hat DOES look cute on you (exclamation point!), and would be darling with a summery dress, and nice cork/wedge sandals... but the girl at Shibuya? With a heavy black leather purse and wintery-spring dark mushroom coloured jacket? Not so into it. It looks out of place on her head. Same as the girl in the restaurant. It's kind of like if you're going to commit to the straw hat, you need to commit your ENTIRE OUTFIT to that theme!

    ...Nonetheless. Good hat on you. Get it, and when everyone is clamouring for one when the hot weather shows up, you'll be way ahead!

  4. I actually look kind of good in straw hats. If I wear one of those black hats (like those you can see in the background of the picture of you) I just look like Pete Doerthy fan.

  5. You should get one, they look good on you!

  6. LOVE the hat!
    I also love that you seem to be having a good time on your trip. Yeah!

  7. Those kinds of hats remind me of 50s films where people rowed boats in pretty dress shirts. But I kind of like this trend!

  8. I also meant to say that I wonder if Hata secretly dreads having to hug you every time you guys meet. Not that he doesn't want to hug you, but he must be pretty embarrassed by the fact that he's "hugging" which totally isn't our custom, you know? Sometimes I get this incredible urge to just hug someone I find cute, but they would probably knock me down in horror!

  9. Anne, vi små mennesker kan også se kiksede ud... tro mig!

    Alex, every time i'm here i just adopt whatever trend they have going on, when in Rome indeed!

    Teagan, thanks, i might just go for it!
    About the girl in Shibuya, i guess i'm so used to Tokyo girls mixing styles like crazy, that i don't even notice.
    I thin she was wearing a long dress, if that helps!

    Elisabeth, how refreshing, someone actually willing to admit they look good in hats!
    Most people always say "i can't wear hats, but" (talking to friend) "you should totally get one"!

    Under Violet, thanks, i see you're rocking one too!

    JLYoungsma, definitely having a good time!

    Gali, that's it exactly! When i get home i'm gonna scan some fashion magazines and show you guys some of the best looks!

    aixxx, in the beginning he would just freeze and stand there until it was over, so hilarious!
    But now, i could be wrong, but i think he almost looks forward to it.
    We're the only ones who hug him, i suspect!

    Also, i wish i could afford to come see you and give you a hug too!!

  10. I think it looks cute! I love straw hats but have an abnormally large head and can never find good hats that fit me! :( x

  11. You are *totally* pulling that off.