Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dinner with Inkrat & friends last night

After the awesomeness that was yesterday, today is a bit of a slap in the face.
The dizziness is much worse than before and i'm reminded of a trip to the UK a few years ago where it lasted well over a week.
The hypochondriac in me is wondering is it could be this?
Seriously, all the symptoms match.
I really should stop looking things up on the internet, shouldn't i?

Also, it's rainy and gray outside, so i've stayed in and painted all day.
I've don't think i've ever done watercolors before*, and well, you can definitely tell!
But it's fun and who knows, maybe i'll get better after a few tries.

Tomorrow, Yokohama...

*Apart from this one.


  1. Stop it! Hypochondriac. Hypochromalie :) Ha. I do the same thing and it has NEVER helped anything... I used to image search a disease of the day (weird, I know) and now if I even have a headache my mind jumps to brain tumors and weird worms.

  2. I know, i'm bad!
    A headache becomes a tumor in seconds in my world as well, so looking stuff up is definitely not helping matters!