Sunday, April 11, 2010

Panda panda part two

As promised, here's a mere fraction of the thousands of Panda items for sale in Yokohama's Chinatown.
And if you're wondering if i bought anything, the answer is no.
After coming to Japan for about 6 years, i am finally fairly immune to everything kawaii.
Ok, not everything, but i'm working on it!

Sparkly panda slippers
Panda clothes dryer hanger
Panda shopping bag
Panda dust glove?
Panda towels
Panda baby mobile (my personal favorite of the day)
Panda fans
I kinda liked this little plastic panda shelf
Giant panda suit
One of the many panda shops
Ok, i know these aren't panda's, but are these... communist monchhichi?


  1. AH the Monchhichi! I wonder if I could find them online. I actually really, really want one.

  2. i dont know the panda fan and panda mobile would be pretty hard to resist.

  3. I want a communist monchhichi.
    I know my dad would want one as well.

  4. Elisabeth, they were pretty awesome!
    So i gotta know, does your dad collect communist toys? Or monchhichi?
    I gotta know!

  5. monchhichi expertApril 12, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    euh ! I believe the correct term is "The people's monchhichis" thanks !

  6. I love the painting on the house in the back of the panda mobile. Looks like panda tadpoles haha

  7. Ah, of course, thanks for that insight, monchhichi expert!

    Betty, or happy panda ghosts?

  8. Nah! He just used to be an active communist back in the days.
    And he likes all cool and funny commnist things now.
    When I was in New York he asked me to look for a Mao shirt in China town.

  9. Hi Amalie! We met at Inkrat last year when my friends got their sailor rabbit and space pig tattoos! It was great meeting you guys. Glad to see that you are back in Tokyo and having an awesome time! I have moved out of Koenji and am really missing it....Yonchome Café!!

    Hope to see you around! Enjoy your stay!!

  10. The cups and the fans are my faves lol i'm kind of in love!

  11. Ros, where are you staying now?
    Far from Koenji?
    It was good to meet you too, hope you are doing well.
    And i gotta say, your work looks awesome (just visited your website!)

  12. Hello Amalie! I am staying in Jiyugaoka now. Not that far from Koenji. Have you been to jiyugaoka? There are some nice shops & cafes here that you might like... maybe you can come check it out sometime!
    And thanks for dropping by my website! Glad you like the works!

  13. I haven't been, but i just googled it and it looks really nice there.
    I might go tomorrow or tuesday!

    Seriously, i love all your work, so amazing and cute!

  14. oh did you manage to go to jiyugaoka? would have been fun to show you around the neighborhood!

    wow really happy to know that you like the works! thanks!!