Sunday, April 4, 2010

On traveling light

Wondering how i managed to pack a suitcase for a month that weighed only 10 kg?
Maybe not, but i'm gonna tell you anyway.
My secret is: don't bring anything.
There, pretty simple, huh?

For example, like last year, i didn't bring a purse.
Instead i went to 7-11 this morning and bought a magazine that came with a free canvas tote.
I added a badge from Village Vanguard and voila, new bag for me!

It even kinda matches my jacket
And the quality was better than expected


  1. Jeg synes, det er et fantastisk koncept, at man får gratis ting hver gang man køber noget! Hvordan får vi det implementeret i Dk?

  2. You got an Agnis B. tote with uber cool french stripes for buying a mag? Super lucky star! :)

  3. I wish magazines in America came with stuff like in Japan. I buy so many mags while I'm there!

  4. I wish they did in Denmark too.
    And the magazines here are so much better than EU/US ones!