Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lomo Love

Yesterday we had yet another awesome day off.
Maybe even more awesome since the sun was out.
It is today as well, and as soon as Allan is done working, i'm gonna go pick him up so we can do some more walking together.

Our main mission yesterday was to find the Lomography Gallery Store in Aoyama.
We decided to make a day of it and went for a long walk through Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya.
So nice.
The store was awesome, any Lomo nerds dream, and of course we ended up buying a whole lot of stuff we didn't really need.

Cafeteria lunch
Kitty cats
The fancy pancy Prada building
We're here!
Allan taking a giant picture?
Mini shrine with *sigh* foxes
So pretty
And small too
A real fox?
At a little French-themed Café on Cat Street
Foujita in the ceiling!
My new friend, the Diana Mini... i couldn't help it, she's so tiny and cute (and Allan bought her big sister, with the Instant Back)
Obviously i don't have any pictures from it yet, but they might look something like this?*
Or this?
Pølsedyr til Fie!

Lomo shopping, good weather, walking for about 6 hours with my baby (in heels, no less) and a trip to Tokyu Hands... almost the perfect day.
I say almost because i just quit drinking coffee and the first few days without the sweet java devil always gives me a terrible headache.

*Taken with the iPhone app "ShakeItPhoto"


  1. yay, I want a diana mini!

    let us know how you get on with it!

  2. *adds Diana to the list of stuff she'll buy once she has an income again*

  3. STOPPED. DRINKING. COFFE. How is that possible, and for the love of god why??? Couldn't you have cut off a finger or something in stead?

  4. Aww, pølsedyr til mig?! Tak! De er ....øhm, meget pølsede!

    Det er godt at høre, I slapper af og hygger sammen. In heels! Men det der med kaffe, hvad er nu det for noget?

  5. Åh, kaffen... det er sgu heller ikke med min gode vilje, venner.
    Men kroppen vil ikke ha' det mere.
    Den kan ikke li' de samme ting jeg kan li'.
    Hvis det var op til mig, ville jeg leve af kaffe og kage!!

  6. Whoaaa what is that food even!!!!?? Alsooo Im curious what the little circles above the a's in your language do to a letters sound so I am looking into it tongiht lol. And on a final note now that my laptop is back and working and I am layed up in bed for the next month I have picked out all the wedding pictures and will have some imaged of the head piece for you as soon as the photog has them edited!

  7. Ha, it's a plastic display, but it could easily have been someones lunch!
    It's hard to explain the Å but i guess it kinda sounds like the o in old a bit?
    We also have the Æ and the Ø but those are even harder to explain!

    I can't wait to see the pictures and post some here!
    Hope you and your belly are feeling better!