Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big in Japan

You know how sometimes you go to Japan and you find out that someone put your picture in a book, that you didn't even know about?
Well i do.

Remember that not-so-awesome tattoo event we went to in Osaka we went to last November?*
Well, as it turns out it was a good thing that i did get dressed up for that.
I'd completely forgotten this by the time i wrote the post, but there was this photographer and these artsy people there, with this huge setup, taking pictures of all the participants before opening.
I'd seen them gather people for the shoot and told Allan there was no way i was posing for pictures, me being sick and cranky already, but when they came and asked us real nice, i didn't wanna be a bitch and say no.
So we posed for some pictures (they made us wear these sneakers and everybody was watching...) and when it was over we gave the guy our card, and asked him to send us some of the pictures if he ended up using them for anything.
We never heard from any of them, so i guess a book isn't that big of a deal in their world?
Or, more likely, they just forgot.
In any case, the pictures are nice and there was a copy of the book waiting for us at Inkrat, so it's all good.
And it was nice to see, that some good came from that night.

This is the book of pictures from the event
And there we are!
Here we are again in the new issue of Tattoo Burst (the guy must have had a magical faerie camera or something, because neither one of us looks like an idiot in any of the pictures!)
They even made one of our pictures into a flyer for their art show (which was in our own town too!)

*I just re-read that post.
Boy did i not have a good time or what!


  1. Aww youze guys! Indbegrebet af cuteness much?

  2. totally awsome. you look so good in the pictures!

  3. Det er altså meget sjældent, der er billeder af dig og Allan sammen på par-måden, og de her er virkelig gode! I er simpelthen så søde!

  4. very nice, but it´s no fairy- secret; with photoshop you can do everything better (lol). but you are always well dressed in a "Iron Maiden"- T-Shirt !

  5. I er vildt gode! Det er meget svært at forestille sig at I var modvindsramte lige dér. :-) Sandra

  6. Cute!
    This reminds me of that simpsons episode where Homer finds his face on a Japanese soap box.... :P

  7. Thanks guys/ Taaaak!

    Sandra, måske fordi det var i starten af aftenen, og vi fik et Lost in Translation grineflip da han begyndte og give os poserings instrukser!?

    Laura, Mr. Sparkle!!

  8. aawwwwwwwweeee that's awesome!!! i love it! you two are ridiculous and cute!


  9. Rigtig rigtig søde billeder!

    Håber I hygger jer helt vildt! Solen har næsten også skinnet en lille smule idag her. Næsten..


  10. You described the event as dull. Well, according to the headline of the article, it is "the hot and cutting-edge event that leads the Kansai tattoo scene!" or whatever. Pretty funny. You are adorable in all those pictures, though.

  11. Those pictures are amazing! You should get them framed and put up in the shop!

    Seriously, they are so adorable, especially you strangling Allan haha x

  12. Totalt paragtigt..


  13. aixxx, haha, i bet they actually believe that too!
    If it's true the Kansai scene is in some serious trouble!!

    AJ, vi er jo ligesom også totalt meget et par!

  14. Those pictures of you guys pu the biggest smile on my face too cute!