Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A good hair day

Yesterday was a big day for Amalie's head.
First i took it to the hairdresser, where it got a new haircut, and later i colored that hair at home.
Yup, a big day.

The hair appointment went great.
My appointment wasn't with my regular girl, but the new girl was really nice and totally up for doing something silly.
So in the end i got the short hair i really wanted, while keeping it long enough to shield my scar from the sun (the real reason i couldn't go super short).
How is that possible, you ask?
I'll show you!

From the front
And whoa, from the sides, it's like two haircuts for the price of one!
The color is actually more red than in the picture

I use these natural colors that are really great, but they have to stay in for up to two hours.
And because we got home late and had to eat first, i didn't get the dye out until, like, 2 in the morning.
Which usually wouldn't be a big deal because we're always up that late, but last night i was tired and not really in the mood to sit around with a towel on my head.
But today i'm glad i did it, i feel like a new person!


  1. Oh my gosh. It's beautiful, it really is. It really suits you! It's so fun! AND the short side is so Vulcan <3<3! Man, cut and color. There aren't too many things that feel better than getting both of those things at once :)

  2. Dr. Jekyll and.. ehm... Mrs. Hyde?
    Det er superfint!

    Er rigtig øv over, jeg ikke kunne komme til loppe. Men det trøster mig, at I købte the good stuff, så det ikke skulle stå der alene :)

  3. OMG its sooooo freakn rad! love it :) super duper cuteness....AND welcome to the redhead club...hehehehe

    I am also off for a cut and color, today...though my cut is a trim of the split ends...nothing more.

  4. hmm, they forgot to cut your left side, i might !
    the right side looks vulkan, you just need pointed ears,... i like it !

  5. i love it!

    and i can see from looking at the short side you'd totally suit short(er) hair!

    hurry up and heal nice mr scar! x

  6. Fuck yeah hvor ser du sej ud!
    Mand, jeg vil også snart have sejt hår.

  7. wow this is a great haircut! I even thougt about getting this undercut-thing on my head, too, but I still don't dare ;)

  8. Vulcan, eh?
    That's about the best compliment you could give me!

    Fie, kom til kaffe snart!

    Thanks Tanya, i guess i'm more like an honorary member since i'm not really a real redhead?

    Igl, i really do need pointed ears!!

    Sam, as soon as i can i'll go shorter!

    Young, pfff, du har jo det sejeste hår allerede!

    Tak Anne!

    Lilly, it's easy to be brave when you've got nothing to lose.
    My hair is so bad that it really doesn't matter much what i do!

  9. Yep, nice haircut. you are wearing a turtle neck still? you'll like it here. it's much wamer now, though it will rain this weekend.

  10. very cute. it reminds me of resident evil 2 hair!