Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Would it be a bad thing if i wrote nothing here?

I've had myself another busy day of early grandpa visits, a nauseating cab ride and a surprisingly fast bike ride, depressing work stuff, sunshine and visits from sweet friends.
Good and bad, but mostly good.

Best part of my day; when i got four already cheap chairs for the drawing room for the price of three... score!

I've just finished updating the other blog, so i'll keep this one short.
But if you wanna see a picture of my new tattoo, just click here!

Ps. Wanna know why i love Nick?
This is why.


  1. I love your new tattoo! Rad!

  2. flotte billige stole!
    Og ja, jeg må jo også heller give til kende at jeg kigger med her!

    Happy day!